@matlabbe matlabbe released this Nov 1, 2016 · 791 commits to master since this release

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What's new!

  • Binaries 0.11.11 below have been re-uploaded (Nov 1). Please re-install if you downloaded 0.11.11 prior to Nov 1.
    • Fixed some problems with Export Clouds dialog.
    • Removed the packaged OpenCL.dll in the non-CUDA release so that OpenCL.dll installed on your computer is used.
  • Sensors support:
  • Refactored how occupancy grid maps are generated and stored (saved directly in the database, no more regeneration).
    • This update increases a lot the performance when reloading a previous map. In standalone, to create a 2D occupancy grid map or an OctoMap, we should explicitly enable "Create local occupancy grid maps" option under RGB-D SLAM settings. On ROS, this option (RGBD/CreateOccupancyGrid) is enabled by default.
  • 3D Rendering:
    • Added texture mesh option (giving similar rendering results than the Tango version).
    • Added gain compensation option to balance colors between frames.
  • Integrated a depth calibration approach (CLAMS) to reduce depth distortions (very useful for cameras like the Xtion), see this tutorial.
  • Kinect v1/Xtion cameras can now be manually re-calibrated with the calibration tool.
  • Some minor fixes and improvements.
  • See Installation page for additional installation instructions depending on your platform (e.g., drivers).