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INWX Domrobot Python 2.7 Client

If you're looking for our Python 3 Client you can find it here.

You can access all functions of our frontend via our API, which is available via the XML-RPC or JSON-RPC protocol and thus can be easily consumed with all programming languages.

There is also an OT&E test system, which you can access via Here you will find the known web interface which is using a test database. On the OT&E system no actions will be charged. So you can test as much as you like there.


You can view a detailed description of the API functions in our documentation. You can find the online documentation by clicking here.

If you still experience any kind of problems don't hesitate to contact our support via email.


from inwx import domrobot, prettyprint, getOTP
from configuration import get_account_data

def main():
    api_url, username, password, shared_secret = get_account_data(True)
    inwx_conn = domrobot(api_url, False)
    loginRet = inwx_conn.account.login({'lang': 'en', 'user': username, 'pass': password})

    if 'resData' in loginRet:
        loginRet = loginRet['resData']

    if 'tfa' in loginRet and loginRet['tfa'] == 'GOOGLE-AUTH':
        loginRet = inwx_conn.account.unlock({'tan': getOTP(shared_secret)})

    domain = ""
    checkRet = inwx_conn.domain.check({'domain': domain})

if __name__ == '__main__':

You can also look at the in the Project.