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Java functions to access values from java.util.Properties collections in a typed manner.


  • Functions to access java.util.Properties values as typed values.
  • High coverage test suite.
  • OSGi-ready
  • JPMS-ready
  • ISC license.


The JProperties class contains numerous functions to extract typed values from a Properties collection:

final var p = new Properties();
p.setProperty("int0", "23");
p.setProperty("b0", "true");

JProperties.getBoolean(p, "b0");       // ⇒ true
JProperties.getBigInteger(p, "int0");  // ⇒ new BigInteger(23)

If a property is not present, or has a value that cannot be parsed as a value of the requested type, a JPropertyException is raised.

JProperties.getBigInteger(p, "nonexistent") // ⇒ JPropertyNonexistent
JProperties.getBigInteger(p, "b0");         // ⇒ JPropertyIncorrectType

Functions typically have an optional variant that returns an Optional.empty() value on missing keys (but an exception will still be raised on type errors).

JProperties.getStringOptional(p, "nonexistent") // ⇒ Optional.empty()
JProperties.getStringOptional(p, "b0");         // ⇒ "true"

Functions typically also have a default variant that can return a given default value if a property is not present (but an exception will still be raised on type errors).

JProperties.getStringWithDefault(p, "nonexistent", "z") // ⇒ "z"
JProperties.getStringWithDefault(p, "b0", "z");         // ⇒ "true"