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Slackmail is a simple email-to-slack proxy.


You've got a service that supports email notifications for unexpected/interesting events. That's great, but you check Slack way more than email (and/or you want to share the news with a team). Instead of badgering service XYZ to add support for slack, just run this server and have them "email" you:


pip install [--user] git+


By default, the servers listen on localhost, port 5025. This is to simplify testing locally. But feel free to run on port 25 and just add an MX record to have it operate as a "real" email server!

Simple single hook server


If you specify the authorization_token flag, only messages containing the token somewhere in the subject or message body will be forwarded to Slack.

Database enabled server

slackmail-db [--listen-address=host:port]

The default database used is just a SQLite database called mail.db. It will be created in whatever directory you run the slackmail-db command.