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US Integrated Ocean Observing System

Software, tools, and technical documentation supporting IOOS Data Management and Cyberinfrastructure (DMAC).

U.S. IOOS® - Eyes on the Ocean, Coasts, and Great Lakes™

Our mission: To produce, integrate, and communicate high quality ocean, coastal and Great Lakes information that meets the safety, economic, and stewardship needs of the Nation.

The IOOS Data Management and Cyberinfrasctructure (DMAC) program maintains a collection of open source software packages, documentation, and utilities to facilitate data distribution and cyberinfrastructure implementation within our community of practice. These resources are all contained within the IOOS GitHub organization.

For more information about U.S. IOOS visit:

How To Request Changes to IOOS' GitHub Resources:

A short list of common community requests.

  • Add new contributors to IOOS repositories - email micah dot wengren at noaa dot gov, melissa dot zweng at noaa dot gov, or mathew dot biddle at noaa dot gov. Please include the following:
    • GitHub handle(s) of the new contributor(s)
    • IOOS team that they should be added to
  • Create a new IOOS repository - fill out the new repository request form


  1. Python tool to check your datasets against compliance standards

    Python 80 52

  2. Notebook demonstrations and examples

    Jupyter Notebook 8 4

  3. ioos_qc Public

    ☑️ 🌊 IOOS QARTOD and other Quality Control tests implemented in Python

    Python 38 20

  4. erddapy Public

    Python interface for ERDDAP

    Python 69 26

  5. Standardizing Marine Biological Data Working Group - An open community to facilitate the mobilization of biological data to OBIS.

    Jupyter Notebook 29 16

  6. Boilerplate repository for IOOS packages

    Jupyter Notebook 9 8


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