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To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.


  • iOS 8.0+
  • Xcode 8


Chips is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'Cips'

if not want use all service , check service usage for installation each service


import  Cips
#import <Cips/Cips.h>

Qnock Usage

Note that the Firebase/Core and Firebase/Messaging is required if using QNOCK SDK.

pod 'Cips/Qnock'
Register Qnock
Register qnock on appdelegate first using clientid and clientsecret from cms QNOCK.
func application(application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [NSObject: AnyObject]?) -> Bool {
    Qnock.initWithClientId(clientid, withClientSecret: clientsecret) { (token) in

return true
Receiving Notification
Use when notification received on device. This used on App Delegate 
func application(application: UIApplication, didReceiveRemoteNotification userInfo: [NSObject : AnyObject]) {
    let data = Qnock.instance().notifReceived(userInfo)
Subscribe Channel
This function use for subscribe or register new user id or new channel to qnock. 

Userid on this function from userid member client not userid Qnock.
Qnock.instance().subscribe(FCMTOKEN, withChannel: channel, userID: userid) { (response) in
//complete register
Unsubscribe Channel
This function to use unsubscribe or unregister channel from qnock. Use when user want to stop notification or user has logout.
Qnock.instance().unsubscribe(FCMTOKEN, withChannel: channel) { (response) in
//complete unsubscribe

Change Environment

Change environment QNOCK PRODUCTION mode or SANDBOX mode

Squad Usage

pod 'Cips/Squad'
pod 'Cips/SquadSocial' // use this pod if use social login with fb

Init Squad

Init Squad on appdelegate first using clientid and clientsecret from cms Squad.
func application(application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [NSObject: AnyObject]?) -> Bool {
    Squad.initWithClientId(clientid, withClientSecret: clientsecreet withCompanyId: companyid)
return true

List Function

This function to login on squad
    Squad.instance().login(withEmail: email, andPassword: password) { (respon) in
        //respon on squad 
        //get token an refresh token   
This function to register on squad
    Squad.instance().registerFirst(withEmail: email, password: pass, firstName: firstname, lastName: lastname, companyid: companyid, redirecturi: reduri, verifyuri: veriuri) { (respon) in
            //respon on squad
 note redirect uri and verfyuri can use from squad or make self
Get User Info
This function to get user info profile
    Squad.instance().userInfoGet(withToken: token) { (respon) in
            //respon on squad
Edit Profile
This function to edit profile squad
    Squad.instance().profileEdit(withData: data) { (respon) in
This field data format to send on profile edit, but not all field to insert, its depend on client and cms
        let data = [
note : gender id = 2 : male , 1 : female
You can get country list and city list include id from this function
        Squad.instance().getListCountry { (respon) in
            //list country

        Squad.instance().getListCity(withCountryId: countryid) { (respon) in
            //list city   
Date format for birthdate is YYYY-MM-dd
Update profile picture
This function to update profile picture squad user
    Squad.instance().uploadImage(imageData, userid: userid, accessToken: token) { (respon) in
        //Respon Squad
Refresh Token
This function to refresh token if token expired
    Squad.instance().tokenRefresh(withToken: refresh_token) { (respon) in
        //Respon Squad
        //update accesstoken and refreshtoken     
This function to logout user squad
    Squad.instance().logoutAccessToken(access_token, refreshToken: refresh_token) { (respon) in
       //Respon Squad     
Get user info for edit profile
This function to get user info for edit profile, respon field different each client
        Squad.instance().resourceWithParamsGet(withToken: access_token) { (respon) in
         //Respon Squad   
Forgot Password
This function to get forgot password
    Squad.instance().passwordForgot(withUserid: "", email:email, verifyUrl: verifyuri, redirectUrl: redirecturi) { (respon) in
       //Respon Squad     
note: you can leave userid empty string
Update Password
This function to update password user squad
    Squad.instance().passwordUpdate(withAccessToken: access_token, userid: userid, oldPassword: oldPass, newPassword: newPass) { (respon) in
            //Respon Squad
Update Email
This function to update email user squad
    Squad.instance().emailUpdate(withAccessToken: access_token, userid: userid, newEmail: email, password: password) { (respon) in
            //Respon Squad   
This function to access squad using social

- Check Social
	This function to check if social account has exist in squad 

Squad.instance().socialCheckFromFacebook(withAccessToken: "token_fb", withUserId: "userid_fb") { (respon) in

Squad.instance().socialCheckFromTwitter(withUserId: "userid_twitter", withAccessToken: "token_twitter", withAcessTokenScret: "secret_twitter", withConsumerKey: "consumer_token_twitter", withConsumerSecret: "consumer_secret_twitter") { (respon) in
respon code from squad
200 = Success Login with social
202 = Failed login with Social but your email already registered on squad -> Use Login Social to continue login
203 = Failed login with social and cant access email on social ->Use login social or register social to continue
204 = Failed login with Social and your email not registered on squad -> Use register social to continue

- Login Social 
	This function to login with social first time, if return code from check social is 202 or 203

Squad.instance().socialLoginFromFacebook(withEmail: "Email_squad == email_fb", withPassword: "passwor_squad", withUserId: "userid_fb", withAccessToken: "token_fb") { (respon) in
Squad.instance().socialLoginFromTwitter(withEmail: "email_twitter == email_squad", withPassword: "pass_squad", withUserId: "userid_twitter", withAccessToken: "token_twitter", withAcessTokenSecret: "secret_twitter", withConsumerKey: "consumer_token_twitter", withConsumerSecret: "consumer_secret_twitter") { (respon) in

- Register Social
	This function to register with social , if return code from check social is 203 or 204

	Squad.instance().socialRegister(from: "facebook or twitter", withEmail: "email", withPassword: "pass", withUserId: "userid_social", withAccessToken: "token_social", withAcessTokenScret: "secret_twitter or 1 if fb", withConsumerKey: "consumer_token of 1 if fb", withConsumerSecret: "consumer_secret or 1 if fb", firstName: "first_name", lastName: "last_name", companyid: "company_id", redirecturi: "redirect_uri", verifyuri: "verify_uri") { (respon) in

List View Controller Squad

Squad provide basic view controller you can use for login, register, update profile , etc. This list fuction to show view controll from squad

Login View Controller

This to use login , register and forgot password from squad
        SquadViewHelper.squadLoginView(with: view_controller, delegate: delegate)
Squad Controller Delegate
    func squadLoginResponse(_ data: [AnyHashable : Any]!, status isSuccees: Bool, message: String!, controller: UIViewController!) {
Initialize this delegate if you usins social login with Twitter
    func login(twitter complete: ((String?, String?, String?, String?, String?) -> Void)!) {
        //login twitter sdk

Profile View Controller

This to use view profile, edit profile and change profile picture squad
        SquadViewHelper.squadProfileView(with: view_controller, token: token)

SpotLight Usage


This function to init squad on first time app run
[Spotlight initWithAppsSecret:APPS_SECRET withClientId:APPS_ID withCompanyId:COMPANY_ID completion:^(bool isSuccess, NSString                         *responseToken) {
            NSLog(@"LOGIN SPOTLIGHT %@",responseToken);

Channel List

This function get channel list
[Spotlight.instance spotlightChannelListWithUserId:@"guset" onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {

List function to get list article homepage by type and channel
- Homepage Headline with Channel
[Spotlight.instance spotlightHomepageHeadlineWithChannel:_channel onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {
- Homepage Story with Channel
[Spotlight.instance spotlightHomepageStoryWithChannel:_channel onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {
- Homepage Editor with Channel
[Spotlight.instance spotlightHomepageEditorChoiceWithChannel:_channel onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {
- Homepage Newsboost with Channel
[Spotlight.instance spotlightHomepageNewsboostWithChannel:_channel onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {
- Homepage Commercial with Channel
[Spotlight.instance spotlightHomepageCommercialWithChannel:_channel onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {
- Homepage Boxtype with Channel
[Spotlight.instance spotlightHomepageBoxTypeWithChannel:_channel onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {


List function to get list article by type

- Basic List Article
[Spotlight.instance spotlightArticleWithWithUserId:@"guset" page:0 limit:10 onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {
- Basic List Article with Channel
[Spotlight.instance spotlightArticleWithChannel:channelNo withUserId:@"guest" page:0 limit:10 onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {
- Standard List Article
[Spotlight.instance spotlightArticleStandardWithUserId:@"guest" page:0 limit:10 onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {
- Standard List Article with Channel
[Spotlight.instance spotlightArticleStandardWithChannel:channelNo withUserId:@"guest" page:0 limit:10 onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {
- List Article Gallery 
[Spotlight.instance spotlightArticleGalleryWithUserId:@"guest" withPage:0 limit:10 onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {
- List Article Gallery with Channel
[Spotlight.instance spotlightArticleGalleryWithChannel:channelNo withUserId:@"guest" page:0 limit:10 onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {
- List Article Group
[Spotlight.instance spotlightArticleGroupWithUserId:@"guest" withPage:0 limit:10 onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {
- List Article Group with Channel
[Spotlight.instance spotlightArticleGroupWithChannel:channelNo withUserId:@"guest" page:0 limit:10 onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {
- List Article Around me
[Spotlight.instance spotlightArticleAroundMeWithLatitude:@"latitude cordinate" longitude:@"longitude cordinate" radius:@"10" withUserId:@"guest" page:0 limit:10 onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {

- Detail Article
This function to get Detail article
[Spotlight.instance spotlightArticleDetailWithId:_article_id withUserId:@"guest" onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {
- Share Article
This function to share article
[Spotlight.instance spotlightArticleShareWithArticleNo:article_no withUserId:@"guset" type:@"2" fromEmail:@"" toEmail:@"" message:@"test" onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {

Live Streaming

- List Live Streaming with Channel
This function to get list live streaming
[Spotlight.instance spotlightLiveStreamingWithChannel:channelNo withUserId:@"guest" onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {

- Share Live Streaming
This function to share live streaming
[Spotlight.instance spotlightLiveStreamingShareWithStreamingId:live_streaming_no userid:@"guest" shareType:@"2" fromEmail:@"" toEmail:@"" message:@"msg" onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {



- List Reaction on Article
This function to get list Reaction
 [Spotlight.instance spotlightReactionListWithArticleId:article_no withUserId:@"guest" onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *respon) {

- Submit Reaction on Article
This function to submit Reaction
[Spotlight.instance spotlightReactionSubmitWithArticleId:article_no withReactionNo:@"2" withUserId:@"guest" onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {



- List Story without channel
This function to get list story without channel
[Spotlight.instance spotlightStoryListWithUserid:@"guest" page:0 limit:10 limitArticle:@"10" onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {

- List Story with Channel
This function to get list story with channel
[Spotlight.instance spotlightStoryListWithChannel:channel_no withUserId:@"guest" page:0 limit:10 limitArticle:@"10" onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {
- Detail Story
This function to get story detail
[Spotlight.instance spotlightStoryDetailWithStoryNo:_story_no withUserId:@"guest" limitArticle:10 onComplete:^(SpotlightResponseModel *response) {


iOS Codigo,


Chips is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


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