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ESP8266 EasyIoT library

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IMPORTANT: use correct firmware version together with EasyIoTESP8266 Arduino library. Use ESP8266 firmware version 0.952. You can download fw on this link: If you are usning SW serial, set baudrate to 9600 (default is 115200) with AT+CIOBAUD=9600

NRF24L01+ Arduino low power sensors

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nRF24L01 is a single chip radio transceiver for the world wide 2.4 - 2.5 GHz ISM band. The transceiver consists of a fully integrated frequency synthesizer, a power amplifier, a crystal oscillator, a demodulator, modulator and Enhanced ShockBurst™ protocol engine. Output power, frequency channels, and protocol setup are easily programmable through a SPI interface. Current consumption is very low, only 9.0mA at an output power of -6dBm and 12.3mA in RX mode. Built-in Power Down and Standby modes makes power saving easily realizable.

Minimum supply voltage 1.9 V

Maximum output power 0 dBm

Maximum data rate 2000 kbps

Supply current in TX mode @ 0dBm output power 11.3 mA

Supply current in RX mode @ 2000 kbps 12.3 mA

Temperature range -40 to +85 °C

Sensitivity @ 1000 kbps -85 dBm

Supply current in Power Down mode 900 nA


ESP8266 EasyIoT library and sensor examples



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