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system for the website. Inform visitors about cookies and gives the possibility to refuse cookies.
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Build Status

Beta version.

🍪 System GDPR cookie for website. Informs the visitor of the use of cookies and gives the possibility to refuse cookies

ℹ️ On the first visit, the banner is show. If visitor click on link or button for navigate, the cookie is accepted by default.

Use files in dist directory

gdpr-cookies.css 7ko (~2ko gzip)

gdpr-cookies.js 64ko (~19ko gzip)

Add script in page

<script src="path/gdpr-cookies.js" async></script>

Add style in page

<link href="path/gdpr-cookies.css" rel="stylesheet">

For npm user

install package

npm install gdpr-cookies -S

import in your javascript file

import 'gdpr-cookies';

import sass files

@import 'path-to-your-node_modules/gdpr-cookies/dist/gdpr-cookies.css';

Init Gdpr Cookie

Set this code in the head of your html

<script>var _gdpr = _gdpr || [];</script>

Add this tag in page

<div id="gdpr-cookie"></div>

Declare external script

Push array in _gdpr array.

    name: '',
    type: '',
    description: ''
  [callback, callback,..]

First element is object:

  • name : string (unique and required)
  • type : string (type of service) required, default: Stats | Ads | Others
  • description : string (text for describe service) optional

Second element is Array of Functions

All the callback function called if service is allowed

You can use argument helpers in function.

  • createScript(src) for create script tag in head
  • createStyle(href) for create style tag in head
  • createIframe('id', {href: '', width: '200px'}); for create iframe tag in target element. Add attribute for iframe with second argument options object

Exemple for google tag

<script type="text/javascript">
    type: 'stats',
    name: 'Google Tag',
    description: 'Service pour statistiques des visites'},
      function(helpers) {
        // use helpers
        helpers.createScript('' + keys_api.gtag);

        window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
        function gtag() {
        gtag('js', new Date());
        gtag('config', '########');

If you want add multiple callback, create var for push callback after.

var myCB = [];
// declare service
    type: 'stats',
    name: 'Google Tag',
    description: 'Service pour statistiques des visites'},

// ...
// on the page
<script type="text/javascript">
myCB.push(function(helpers){ return true;});

Options for init Gdpr Cookie


You can define lang with (default is fr):

var _gdpr_lang = 'fr';

options Gdpr Service

  var _gdpr_options = {
      name: 'gdpr_cookie', // name of cookie gdpr
      keepCookies: ['TEST'], // cookie not to delete
      types: ['ads', 'stats', 'others'], // type of services
      expires: 395, // cookie duration (in days)

i18n messages

The message by default exists for fr, en and es. If you want to add or define your messages, you can create a messages in your html, ex :

var _gdpr_messages = {
    fr: {
      "En poursuivant votre navigation, vous acceptez l'utilisation de services tiers pouvant installer des cookies",
    banner_ok_bt: 'Ok, tout accepter',
    banner_custom_bt: 'Personnaliser',
    modal_header_txt: 'Préférence pour tous les services',
    service_accept: 'Activer',
    service_accept_all: 'Activer tout',
    service_bloc_all: 'Bloquer tout',
    service_activated: 'Service activé',
    service_blocked: 'Service bloqué',
    modal_valid: 'Sauvegarder',
    ads: 'Publicités',
    stats: 'Statistiques',
    others: 'Autres services',
    mask_text_start: 'Le service',
    mask_text_end: 'est désactivé',

Add link for open modal (sorry for the onclick 😅)



<a href="#" onclick="window._gdpr_showModal();return false;">Show modal</a>

Add Mask with buttons for service disabled

Add just class (gdpr-mask) and name of service with data-gdpr. Ex:

 <div id="map" class="gdpr-mask" data-gdpr="Google Map" style="width: 100%; height: 400px;"></div>


🤓 Dev

The code use :

  • ES2018
  • Webpack
  • Flow
  • Babel

For UI :

  • Preact
  • Redux Zero
  • Sass
  • Jest

Browsers Compatibility

  • Desktop:

    • Chrome 🆗
    • Firefox 🆗
    • Edge 🆗
    • Opera 🆗
    • IE11 🆗
  • Mobile

    • Iphone Safari (ios7 ⛔ , ios8 🆗 , ios9 🆗, ios10 🆗)
    • Iphone Chrome (ios7 ⛔ , ios8 🆗 , ios9 🆗, ios10 🆗)
    • Iphone webview (ios7 ⛔ , ios8 🆗 , ios9 🆗, ios10 🆗)
    • Android Chrome (Android 4.4 🆗, Android 5 🆗)
    • Android UC Browser (Android 4.4 ⛔)

Browsers tested with


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