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IPFS Infrastructure

standard-readme compliant

Tools for maintaining infrastructure for the IPFS community.

  • Introduction
  • Getting started
  • Usage
  • Known issues
  • Common tasks

Progress and Tracking

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This repository contains the technical infrastructure of the IPFS community.

  • Public HTTP-to-IPFS Gateway:
  • Default bootstrap used by IPFS: ipfs bootstrap
  • Private networking between the hosts (cjdns with nginx access control)
  • Monitoring of services and hosts:
  • Pinbot, an IRC bot in

Infrastructure that isn't contained here:

  • Websites deployment:,,,
  • DNS settings for,,,,,,
  • TeamCity CI:

Getting started

We use a tool called Provsn to maintain the setup of hosts and services. The fundamental principle of Provsn is that hosts are in a certain state, and units of code are run to transition into a different state.

Provsn is a plain shell script, and each unit consists of shell scripts too:

  • The env script exposes variables and functions to the unit itself, and other units.
  • The build script is run on the client and builds container images, config files, etc.
  • The install script is run on the host and transitions it into the desired state.

Note: there are a few bits of Ansible code left over, which are to be migrated to Provsn. You can find them in the ansible/ directory.

To test whether you're all set up, execute a simple command on all hosts.

> ./provsn exec all 'whoami'
pluto: root
uranus: root

Two environment variables can be used to alter Provsn's operation:

  • PROVSN_JOBS -- this controls the number of hosts to run on in parallel, and defaults to 4.
  • PROVSN_TRACE -- if set, this enables Bash tracing (set -x) for extensive debugging information. Note that this will contain sensitive information and secrets.


Known issues

  • no verbose option, need to comment out dev-null-redirections in unit scripts
  • if container that's supposed to be restarted is in a restart loop, we don't notice it's kinda running, and try to start it, and that fails because the name is already in use

Common tasks

  • gathering ipfs debug info
  • updating ipfs
  • deploying a website
  • adding a root user
  • adding hashes to the blocklist

How can I get ssh access to the instances?

Add you ssh-key to the list of keys available in base/, like this: and then submit a PR with the changes.

Other community infrastructure:

More info in


Feel free to join in. All welcome. Open an issue!

This repository falls under the IPFS Code of Conduct.

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