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An updater tool for ipfs. Can fetch and install given versions of go-ipfs.

Travis CI standard-readme compliant


Requirement: Go version 1.10 or higher.

go get -u

Note that your $GOPATH/bin should be within $PATH for the result ipfs-update binary to be found.


If you do not see the expected version listed by ipfs-update versions. Try updating ipfs-update (either by the above go get command or through gobuilder).


$ ipfs-update version

Prints out the version of ipfs that is currently installed.


$ ipfs-update versions

Prints out all versions of ipfs available for installation.


$ ipfs-update install <version>

Downloads, tests, and installs the specified version of ipfs. The existing version is stashed in case a revert is needed.


$ ipfs-update revert

Reverts to the previously installed version of ipfs. This is useful if the newly installed version has issues and you would like to switch back to your older stable installation.


$ ipfs-update fetch

Downloads the specified version of ipfs into your current directory. This is a plumbing command that can be utilized in scripts or by more advanced users.


Feel free to join in. All welcome. Open an issue!

This repository falls under the IPFS Code of Conduct.