Test cases and scenarios for Network Automation workshop
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Network Automation Workshop - Sources

This repository contains sources for all demos shown during the Network Automation workshop and Ansible webinar:


  • Install: Lab installation guidelines
  • YAML: YAML syntax examples (YAML section of the workshop)
  • Jinja2: Sample templates (Jinja2 section of the workshop)
  • Ansible: Ansible playbooks
    • Simple: simple actions using RAW module
    • Logging: create SNMP and logging configuration commands for Cisco IOS and Nexus OS
    • SNMPFacts: use SNMP facts in Ansible playbooks
    • Networking: Ansible Networking modules
  • Examples: Further Ansible examples from ansible-examples repository


I'm running Ansible in a Ubuntu Vagrant box. Install Vagrant and VirtualBox (or VMware Fusion/Workstation if you're using VIRL) and start vagrant. Further Ubuntu installation scripts are in the install directory.

The networking examples are focused on Cisco IOS and Nexus OS. You can run them in VIRL or have a Cisco router (or CSR 1000v) connected to a Nexus switch.

Starting the Ubuntu VM

Various Vagrantfile versions in install directory contain different test environments. Select the one you prefer and copy it into Vagrantfile in top directory.

To start the Ubuntu VM start the VM with vagrant up nms. To start the whole test environment use vagrant up. Continue the installation process using the instructions in the install directory.

Note: if you're using VMware Fusion or Workstation you MUST specify the Vagrant provider in the vagrant up command with the --provider vmware_fusion or --provider vmware_workstation flags the first time you're starting the VM.

Adding Juniper vSRX to the examples

  • Use Vagrantfile-SRX file
  • Install Vagrant plugins required by Junos vSRX box:
$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-host-shell
$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-junos
  • Start the VM with vagrant up srx (or vagrant up srx --provider vmware_fusion)


Download, explore & enjoy... and when you discover you want to know more, register for the network automation workshop.