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Builds of all the documentation for IPython's various releases, plus current development tree.
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IPython sphinx doc hosting

This repo is used to host builds of the IPython sphinx docs. The actual code is in a separate repo.

This is an active repo, do not move it or deprecate it (jsw-23Jun2016).

How to build sphinx docs

To make a new build, simply go to the doc directory and type:

$ make gh-pages

or equivalently:

$ make html
$ ./

This will create a new build of the docs tagged by 'git describe'. To make something tagged with 'current', simply do:

$ make gh-pages-current

or equivalently:

$ ./ current

It may be a good idea to simply use 'current' for any builds of current development that haven't been tagged.

[datarray]This readme, the index.html, and the scripts to update it, are adapted from fperez/datarray
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