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Realtime data visualization and control panel with graphical editor. Implemented in C++ and Qt.
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Example of CPU monitor configuration

Application is created as a general purpose control panel. It can communicate with sensors and control units via UDP and serial protocols. Idea behind application is generic control panel creation software flexible enough for any purpose (smart home, system monitoring, etc).

Incoming data is shown via several types of virtual instrument widgets, while command widgets are used to send out commands. Image widgets are supported as well, to provid deep integration into domain of use. Each widget is highly customizable, providing different attributes to fine tune it's appearance and function.

Any number of widgets can be arranged on the predefined area, forming layout of a control panel. This layout can be stored into XML file which contains a description off all widget properties, as well as signals that are monitored. Application will be runtime configured based on this XML file. This means that there are no hardcoded values and entire look&feel of the control panel, as well as it's functionality comes from user created XML file. Such XML file is called configuration.

One major part of application is built in WYSIWYG configuration editor. This allows easy and efficient creation and modification of configurations.

Any signal source that can send or receive UDP or serial package of given structure can be easily integrated.

Application is developed with C++ and Qt, with intent of being highly portable to various devices and form factors.

Wiki page

For more information, visit github wiki page at:


Developed by Ivan Rajkovic (

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