A Lovelace custom card for custom component Krisinformation is Home Assistant
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A Lovelace custom card for custom component Krisinformation in Home Assistant. The red alert icon will appear only if the message is an alert.

Krisinformation Lovelace Card


  1. Copy krisinfo-card.js to <config directory>/www/krisinfo-card.js
  2. Add krisinfo-card as a resource in ui-lovelace.yaml or in raw config editor if you don't use yaml mode.
  - url: /local/krisinfo-card.js
    type: js

Example configuration

  title: My view
    - type: custom:krisinfo-card
      entity: sensor.krisinformation


Name Type Default Description
type string Required custom:krisinfo-card
entity string Required The entity id of your Krisinformation sensor

Thanks to @arsaboo for inspiration to this card from Animated weather card.

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