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Managing multiple git repositories is easier than ever. I (was) often end up working on many directories and manually pulling updates etc. To make this routine faster, I created a simple tool to handle this job. Although the focus is batch jobs, you can still do de facto micro management of your git repositories (e.g add/reset, stash, commit etc.)

Check out the screencast of the app: asciicast


Install latest Golang release.

To install with go, run the following command;

go get

or, in Windows 10:

go install

MacOS using homebrew

brew install gitbatch

For other options see installation page


run the gitbatch command from the parent of your git repositories. For start-up options simply gitbatch --help

For more information see the wiki pages

Further goals

  • improve testing
  • add push
  • full src-d/go-git integration (having some performance issues in large repos)
    • fetch, config, rev-list, add, reset, commit, status and diff commands are supported but not fully utilized, still using git occasionally
    • merge, stash are not supported yet by go-git


  • go-git for git interface (partially)
  • gocui for user interface
  • viper for configuration management
  • color for colored text
  • kingpin for command-line flag&options