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Burp Extension Maven Archetype

This project is a Maven archetype (template) for quickly creating extensions for Burpsuite.


You need Maven installed to make use of this repository. Consult your package manager or IDE manual for specific installation instructions.


To install this plugin, clone the repository and use mvn to install it:

  1. git clone
  2. cd burp-extension-maven-archetype && mvn install

Creating a New Project

Once installed, create a new project using the following command line:

mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeArtifactId=burp-extension \
    -DarchetypeGroupId=com.securityevaluators -DinteractiveMode=false \
    -DgroupId=com.demo -DartifactId=DemoProject 

Replace com.demo with your organization's namespace, and DemoProject with your desired project name. Maven will then create the project structure for you, including a template extension source file.

When you wish to test your changes, run mvn clean compile assembly:single to generate a self-contained JAR file that can be imported into Burp as an extension.

IntelliJ Integration

IntelliJ can create projects based on Maven archetypes. To do so, first install the Maven plugin from the IntelliJ extension repository, then follow the installation instructions to install this archetype to your local Maven repository. To actually create a new project, go to the Create Project window select the Maven tab, and check the box for Create from archetype.

The first time you create a project, you will have to make IntelliJ aware of it. Click the Add Archetype... button. Enter com.securityevaluators for the GroupId, burp-extension for the ArtifactId, and 1.0 for the version. Leave Repository blank, and click OK.

After that, you can simply select com.securityevaluators:burp-extension from the archetype list and follow the prompts to create your extension project. You will also need to create an IntelliJ artifact to have IntelliJ build the .jar files for you. You can find the option to do so under Open Module Settings -> Artifacts, and the correct .jar type is Jar -> From modules with dependencies (default options). I also recommend checking the Include in project build check box so you don't have to manually rebuild the .jar file every time you make a change.

Loading Your Extension

Once you have built a .jar file for your extension for the first time, you can load it into Burp by going to the Extender tab, click Add next to the Extensions list, and locating it on disk. Every time you rebuild the .jar (either via mvn or via your IDE), you must un-check and re-check the Loaded checkbox corresponding to your extension in order to reload it.


A Maven archetype for creating Burp Extensions








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