A single script to copy all of your scattered config files to a specified directory. Can automatically `git commit` changes.
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A single script to copy all of your scattered dotfiles and config folders to a specified directory. Can automatically git commit changes.


Let's say we want to keep a Github repo with our various config files, starting with my .bashrc. We define a configuration in ~/.dotfiles.yml:

dest: "~/.dotfiles"
  - src: "~/.bashrc"

Then run the script with the --git-commit option:

$ dotfiles.py --git-commit
backup directory specified as argument
using directory /home/isaac/.dotfiles
handling task: {'src': '~/.bashrc'}
copying file: from [/home/isaac/.bashrc] to [/home/isaac/.dotfiles/.bashrc]
no git repo found; initializing a new repo
[master (root-commit) 153aec5] "Initial commit"
 1 file changed, 315 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 .bashrc

Now let's say we change ~/.bashrc. If we run the command again, it will commit those changes:

$ dotfiles.py --git-commit
copying file: from [/home/isaac/.bashrc] to [/home/isaac/.dotfiles/.bashrc]
committing changes to git

[master 99f69c6] "Updated 2016-04-18T05:32:26.834969"
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)


  1. Make sure that the requirements are installed. If you're going to use the --git-commit option, you'll need git installed.

  2. You'll probably want to install the Python dependencies system-wide so that you don't need to run in a virtual environment.

  3. Then just put dotfiles.py somewhere on your PATH.


You tell dotfiles.py which files to copy into your backup directory (by default, ~/.dotfiles) by changing the tasks entry in a config file (by default, ~/.dotfiles.yml).

Each task must have a key called src which is a file or directory on your system. By default, each of these src entries will be copied right into your backup directory.

If you wish to arrange the files specifically in a subdirectory of the backup directory, you can include a subdir entry in the task.

Here is an example with subdirs:

dest: "~/.dotfiles"
    # misc files from home directory
  - src: "~/.bashrc"
  - src: "~/.vimrc"
  - src: "~/.xprofile"
  # i3 stuff
  - src: "~/.i3"
    subdir: "i3/home"
  - src: "/etc/i3"
    subdir: "i3/etc"
  - src: "/etc/i3status.conf"
    subdir: "i3/etc"

  # system stuff
  - src: "/etc/fstab"
    subdir: "etc"

This config will result in the following backup folder:


├── .bashrc
├── etc
│   └── fstab
├── i3
│   ├── etc
│   │   ├── i3
│   │   │   ├── config
│   │   │   └── config.keycodes
│   │   └── i3status.conf
│   └── home
│       └── .i3
│           └── config
├── .vimrc
└── .xprofile


Usage: dotfiles.py [OPTIONS] [CONF_PATH]

  --dotfiles_dir DIRECTORY
  --git-commit / --no-commit
  --help                      Show this message and exit.