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Linked User Feedback service documentation
More info:

Installation Instructions

Note: In order to run the LUF service, a triple store (e.g., Sesame) is needed. Also, for exposing the feedback information as Linked Data, a Linked Data frontend (e.g., Pubby) is needed.

Sesame, LUF and Pubby can be deploed in a servlet container such as Tomcat. So, the steps would be:

 (0: Tomcat)
  1: Sesame
  2: LUF
  3: Pubby

1: Installing Sesame

Plenty of info at

2: Installing LUF

 - Get the code from GitHub
 - (If using Eclipse, import project as Maven project)
   - use JDK >= 1.6.0_12
 - Move to
   - Modify the default data and set the urls right
   - Include your sparql endpoint
 - "mvn package" to generate the .war
 - Deploy the .war in tomcat

3: Installing Pubby

 - Download from
 - Deploy the webapp in a tomcat, and rename (for example to "luf")
 - config.ttl needs to be modified:
   - Include:
      @prefix rev: <> .
      @prefix tags: <> .
   - Modify (examples given):
      conf:projectName "Linked User Feedback";
      conf:projectHomepage <>;
      conf:webBase <http://localhost:8080/luf/>;
      conf:indexResource <http://localhost:8080/luf/comments/1234>;
      conf:sparqlEndpoint <http://localhost:8080/openrdf-sesame/repositories/LUF>;
      # conf:sparqlDefaultGraph <>;
      conf:datasetBase <>;
      # conf:metadataTemplate "metadata.ttl";