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Addons Forge

Typical development workflow:


Click Fork button at top right hand corner


  • Clone your fork to your machine:

      git clone
  • Add remotes

      cd addons-dev
      git remote add upstream
      git remote add misc-addons
      git remote add pos-addons
      git remote add mail-addons
      git remote add access-addons
      git remote add website-addons
      git remote add l10n-addons

Create new branch

# specify target, repo and branch:
export REPO=misc-addons BRANCH=12.0 FEATURE=some_feature

# fetch remote
git fetch ${REPO}

# create new branch
git checkout -b ${REPO}-${BRANCH}-${FEATURE} ${REPO}/${BRANCH}

# push to upstream
git push upstream ${REPO}-${BRANCH}-${FEATURE}

# done

Get branch from upstream

# get branch from upstream
git fetch upstream misc-addons-12.0-some_feature
git checkout -b misc-addons-12.0-some_feature upstream/misc-addons-12.0-some_feature

PR to addons-dev

# work and make commits
git commit ...

# push to origin
git push origin misc-addons-11.0-some_feature

# create pull request via github interface to it-projects-llc/addons-dev repo

Merge PR to addons-dev

Usually, Squash and merge button is used to merge PR. In that case, update PR reference to avoid wrong reference after merging to target repo. For example, suggested comment was

[ADD] pos product category discount (#178)

One need to update it as following:

[ADD] pos product category discount (it-projects-llc/addons-dev#178)

Otherwise after merging to target repo the link will be

instead of

Final PR to target repo

# example for misc-addons
cd /path/to/misc-addons

# add remote if it doesn't exist yet
git remote add addons-dev

# fetch remote
git fetch addons-dev misc-addons-12.0-some_feature

# create branch
git checkout -b 12.0-some-feature addons-dev/misc-addons-12.0-some_feature

# Sync with upstream
git fetch upstream
git rebase upstream/12.0

# push to your fork of target repo
git push origin 12.0-some-feature

# create PR to target repo
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