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Open source link page with custom filters to keep all your links in one place.

Deploy with Vercel




Linksforall is a all in one open-source links page with optionally categories filter to better link sort with infinite possibilities.

Get started

This project was created on NextJS with Typescript and Tailwind CSS. Icons from Phosphoricons lib

  1. Begin installing all dependencies:
npm run install
# or
  1. Run dev command to load nextjs
npm run dev
  1. Open local URL

Base structure

Content location

All content are located in:



Links are array with the following structure:

name type description
label string label visible on page
categoryId string optional id from category
url string url from link
    "label": "Open-source link page",
    "categoryId": "projects",
    "url": ""

Categories (optional)

Categories are optional to filter links, keep the array empty if you don't use.

name type description
label string label visible on page
id string category identifier
    "label": "Projects",
    "id": "projects"


The user file is all personal content from page, feel free to create/update new fields and use in your page.

name type description
fullname string Page name
website string optional website url
role string Your role
bio string short description about you
image string profile image
socialLinks object object with social media links
  "fullname": "Bruno Rodrigues",
  "website": "",
  "role": "UI Designer & Front-end dev",
  "bio": "UI Designer and Front-end developer, based on Brazil and working at Nuvemshop",
  "image": "",

  "socialLinks": {
    "twitter": "",
    "linkedin": "",
    "github": "",
    "medium": "",
    "facebook": "",
    "youtube": "",
    "instagram": "",
    "dribbble": ""


Here is the best part, you can use the current themes or create your own. Use your creativity and/or tech skill to generate awesome themes.

We have 2 custom themes: Alpha e Dracula (based on Dracula dark theme from Zeno Rocha)

Themes are located in:


To use your theme, after created you can import in ./src/index.tsx

import { Alpha } from '@themes/alpha';
import { DATA } from '@lib/data';

export default function Home() {
  const { user } = DATA;
  return (
      <Alpha data={DATA} />

Environment variables - SEO

We have Google Analytics 4 pre-configured in the project. And you don't need touch in code to setup, it simple: To use local, create .env.local file at root project directory with your GA4 id:

# .env.local


Some themes are availbale with Figma

Current version

GitHub tag (latest SemVer)