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This site is for linux beginners and advanced users, which is generated by mkdocs and hosted in github pages.

Welcome everyone to contribute any other articles and suggestions by pull requests.

###build status

Build Status

###contribute steps:

  1. make sure you have python installed
  2. install mkdocs dependences: pip install mkdocs && pip uninstall mkdocs
  3. get code: git clone your forked repo)
  4. sync to latest: git pull
  5. initial env: source env/
  6. add md or html files under src/docs/
  7. edit mkdocs.yml as need to add meau items
  8. build by: mkdocs build
  9. preview by: mkdocs serve, and open localhost:8000 in browser
  10. git commit and git push
  11. deploy by: mkdocs gh-deploy (obsolete)
  12. will be deployed by travis CI automatically


  1. file issues.
  2. pull requests.


  1. MIT License for this source code
  2. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License for the content of which includes all blogs, pages and articles