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Testbed Runtime is the reference implementation of the wireless sensor network testbed platform WISEBED. It implements the Web Service APIs defined by the european research project WISEBED:

  • iWSN: Wireless Sensor Network API v2.3
  • RS: Reservation System API v1.0
  • SNAA: Sensor Network Authentication and Authorization API v1.0

Testbed Runtime 0.9 Beta - upcoming release!

Testbed Runtimes last release is now over a year ago. Since then we've been heavily working on a complete rewrite (version 0.9) which is currently somewhere between alpha and beta stage. If you're looking for documentation of version 0.9 (which is currently in the making) please look at Testbed Runtime 0.9.


Moved client applications 'scripting-client' and 'experimentation-scripts' to new home

We have recently moved the 'scripting-client' and 'experimentation-scripts' projects to their new home under https://github.com/wisebed/.

Rationale: The projects realize clients to the official WISEBED APIs. Although they were started as part of the Testbed Runtime project, Testbed Runtime is essentially the back end implementation of the WISEBED APIs (wsdl, java) and should therefore only back end components. Also, we moved the documentation of the individual projects to their new homes. Also, splitting up these projects allows them to be developed at their own pace, both on back end side as well on client side.

26.07.2012 Release of Testbed Runtime 0.8.4

Fixes a bug reported yesterday afternoon that hindered some messages to arrive at the sensor node if the followed a certain byte-pattern, as well as two other fixes regarding the shutdown behavior of Testbed Runtime iWSN (see issue tracker for details). Please grab your copy from the Downloads page!

24.07.2012 Release of Testbed Runtime 0.8.3

Fixed a series of bugs in the 0.8 branch. Please check out the Release Notes 0.8.3 and grab your copy from the Downloads page!

09.02.2012 Release of Testbed Runtime 0.7.3

Fixed a bug in the reservation system implementation (see #137). Please grab your copy from the Downloads page!

12.01.2012 Release of Testbed Runtime 0.8.1

Fixing high CPU load bug on gateway machines running iWSN. Please check out the Release Notes 0.8.1 and grab your copy from the Downloads page!

03.01.2012 Release of Testbed Runtime 0.8

Featuring automatic configuration reloading, automatic device detection and reconnection, pre-configurable channel pipelines and loads of other new features! Please check out the Release Notes 0.8 and grab your copy from the Downloads page!