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jQuery Orderable is a jQuery plugin that allows reording of elements inside an HTML <table> via drag'n'drop.
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jQuery Orderable

jQuery Orderable is a jQuery plugin that allows reording of elements inside an HTML <table> via drag'n'drop.



Add .js and .css files into your project:

  • Via CDN
    <script src=""></script>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href=""></link>    




  • By supplying a params object:

    Example: $('#myTable').orderable({ flagName: 'flagName' });

    Available parameters:

  • useTbodyAsUnit: Set to true if you want to move whole row-groups (<tbody> elements)

    • false (default) - The order units are the <tr> elements inside the target table
    • true - The order units are the <tbody> elements inside the target table
  • useHandlerOnTouch: Set to true if you want to use specific drag handlers to move a row when on touch devices.

    • false (default) - The entire row/row-group is draggable
    • true - Only elements decorated with the touch-move-row class will act as drag handlers when on a touch device. (It is your responsibility to place and mark these handlers.)
  • onLoad, onInit, onOrderStart, onOrderCancel, onOrderFinish, onOrderReorder: Supply functions to these parameters if you want to handle behaviour at specific points of the plugin's activity. These are fired together with their respective events, see behaviour/events below.

  • By adding state classes to markup:

    Available classes:

  • .orderable-exclude: Add this class to a row, row group or table data to exclude the element from being pullable for reordering

  • .touch-move-row: Add this class to any element if you want it to act as its containing row's handler when on a touch device

Example with full parameters:

    $('.scrollable-table-body table').orderable({
      useTbodyAsUnit: true,
      useHandlerOnTouch: true,
      onLoad: function () {'I loaded!') },
      onInit: function () {'I did all my thingies!') },
      onOrderStart: function (element) {'I\'m reordering! Selected unit: ', element) },
      onOrderCancel: function (element) {'I\'m not reordering anymore, I got cancelled! Selected unit: ', element) },
      onOrderFinish: function (element) {'I\'ve finished reordering! Selected unit: ', element) },
      onOrderReorder: function (element) {'I\'ve finished reordering and I definitely changed order! Changed unit: ', element) },


Events are dispatched at key moments of the reordering process. Add handlers to them if you want to add custom behaviour to the plugin.


  document.addEventListener('jquery.orderable.order.start', function (changedElement) {
      console.log("I\'m reordering! Selected unit: ", changedElement);
  }, false);

Available events:

  • jquery.orderable.load: Dispatched when the plugin has sucessfully loaded (make sure to add event listener before applying the plugin)
  • jquery.orderable.init: Dispatched when targeted table was found & was sucessfully prepared for reordering
  • jquery.orderable.order.start: Dispatched when the left mouse button was clicked on a reorderable row
  • jquery.orderable.order.cancel: Dispatched when the picked row was dropped in an invalid location
  • jquery.orderable.order.finish: Dispatched when the target row got successfully moved (even if onto its initial position)
  • jquery.orderable.order.finish.reorder: Dispatched when the target row sucessfully moved (but only if end position different than start position)


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