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bipython logo

the boldly indiscriminate python interpreter

"...because you shouldn't have to choose."

Watch the extended demo which shows off the strengths and limitations of bpython and ipython, and shows off how bipython combines the two in a complementary manner so you get the best of both worlds.


Two interpreters, both alike in dignity,
In fair Pythona, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil code makes git commits unclean.
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A newer kind of stranger's given life;
Whose misadventured piteous overthrows
Doth with its birth bury its parents' strife.


Enter bpython and ipython


I'm a fancy terminal-based interface to the Python interpreter. I give you
inline syntax highlighting and auto-completion prompts as you type, and I'll
even automatically show you a little tooltip with a docstring and parameter
list as soon as you hit ( to make the function call, so you always know
what you're doing! I'm svelte and proud of it - I don't try to do all of the
shenanigans that ipython does with the shell and the web, but the cool kids
love my rewind feature for demos. I strive to make interactive python coding
a joy!


I'm an awesome suite of interactive computing ideas that work together.
For millennia, I've given you tab-completion and object introspection via
obj? instead of help(obj) in Python. I also have sweet shell features,
special magic commands (%run, %timeit, %matplotlib, etc.) and a
history mechanism for both input (command history) and output (results

More recently, I've decoupled the REPL into clients and kernels, allowing
them to run on independent of each other. One popular client is the
IPython Notebook which allows you to write code and prose using a web
browser, sending code to the kernel for execution and getting rich media
results back inline. The decoupling of clients and kernels also allows
multiple clients to interact with the same kernel, so you can hook-up to
that same running kernel from the terminal. The terminal workflow makes
more sense for some things, but my user interface there isn't as polished
as bpython's.

Enter bipython


By your powers combined... I am bipython!


The Power is Yours!

pip install  bipython

bipython requires ipython, pyzmq, bpython, and urwid.

For now, you'll need to have a running ipython kernel before running bipython. You can do this by either opening a notebook or running ipython console. It won't always be like this, I'll fix it as soon as I can, but it'll be sooner with your help over ivanov/bipython.

After that, just run bipython and enjoy the ride.

Copyright (c) 2014, Paul Ivanov


[ ] MUSTFIX: multiline input not yet supported - limitation inherited from bpython's
    urwid code, which I found out too late. (4am on April 1st)

    [ ] multiline input will be a bit tricky, will need to hold off and not
        submit to ipython until the multiline is completed. 

    [ ] would also be nice to get local completion in the case of long input cells

[x] MUSTFIX: up/down arrow keys for history don't work yet.

    [x] maybe i should hook into interp and just turn that into a no-op,
        that way i can keep the current (cheap) history as is?
    [ ] history saves only last input, make it work with all

    [ ] make history work *across* sessions, not just current one

    [ ] make multiline history work

    [ ] handle History.enabled = False case gracefully as well

    [ ] use `history_request` for history instead of hand (de)serializing

[ ] ctrl-d send delete when input is non-empty (should just send it)

[x] MUSTFIX: Python 3 compatability (all of my dependencies meet them)

[ ] see if I can put in workaround for stable bpython 
    - v0.12 works, so says Anthony ( though cheap history won't work there)
    - can I also make 0.11-1.1 work? (that's what Ubuntu 13.10 shipped)

[ ] make bipython work with ipython master (3.x message spec / API changes)

[ ] implement Rewind feature

[x] next(<tab><tab> keeps repeating the docstring)

[x] got monospaced theme picked out for pelican

[x] insert "fork me on github" overlay there.

[x] colorize in and out prompts

[x] re-colorize the blue docstring stuff - make it green

[x] only show docstring in tooltip

[x] change prompt

[ ] Maybe: set the username to bipython, and don't print those in the In prompt
    if we've sent them (this won't work in an ideal manner if we have more than
    one bipython client connected, but we can cross that bridge when we get
    to it (using a uuid suffix or something like that)

[x] stream does not get printed currently.

[ ] colorize tracebacks too
    - for this, we'll need an ansi escape parser - IPython has one that's
      implemented in javascript IIRC?

[x] oops: while True: time.sleep(1); print "hi" breaks it
    - i think i need to listen to busy / idle events and react accordingly
      (giving back or not giving back the prompt in bipython)
    - or just hand the Queue.Empty case

[x] handle keyboard interrupt
    - this is important! (of course it only works locally, but better than

[ ] oh crap! I need twisted event loop for the urwid stuff to work?! goddamn
    it. Investigate how easy it is to port what I have back to the cli
    version of bpython code

[x] LOW: make ctrl-w delete word - with '.' being a word separator

[ ] how do i keep the completion tooltip from going on top of wherever i'm
    typing - seems like it's hardcoded to do that after going half-way down
    the screen

    [x] alt: use escape to remove it? (though it's slow)
        [ ] trigger some sort of faster redraw?

[ ] colorize / pygemntize the pyin results - damn it - that requires hooking
    into the lexer again...

[ ] setup sigalarm or setup eventloop to check for new messages' arrival
    - we already do it on typing, i think...

[x] print from elswhere - then <space> in bipython freezes it (if the
    completion thing was already open
    - this can be fixed by not printing docstring like i do for debugging
      - actually, no, that doesn't work

[x] ctrl-w shouldn't remove space before the cur word.

[ ] look for ps1 ps2 for hints where continuation happens

[ ] when receiving stream message, write to stdout history, the way urwid
    likes to do

[ ] looks like i won't finish this today, no joke :\

[x] update execution_count in place while typing

[x] just need the highlighting to start AFTER In[ ]  
    (it doesn't account for caption)
    [ ] doesn't seem to want to color it green though

[ ] start its own kernel if --existing flag not given

[ ] gracefully handle input/output newlines when we didn't initiate it.

[ ] obj? doesn't show up in bipython - intercept it to be a oinfo req like in
    vim-ipython - yes. do that.

[x] make logo

related projects:

[ ] flag
    thank you Michael Page - 1998
    Pantone Color #226--Magenta (Hex: #D70270) (RGB: 215, 2, 112)
    Pantone Color #258--Deep Lavender (Hex: #734F96) (RGB: 115, 79, 150)
    Pantone Color #286--Royal (Hex: #0038A8) (RGB: 0, 56, 168)

    The flag's aspect ratio is not fixed but 2:3 and 3:5 are often used, in
    common with many other flags

[x] make bipython twitter account
[ ] tweet at and @IPythonDev

[x] merge in anthony's old spooning forking commit.

[ ] use python register to register it.

[x] perform the git surgery to put all of my commits into bipython repo (so
    i can start getting anthony's feedback, if he wants to / can play)

[ ] TODO: ansi color escape handling 

    [ ] or at least strip it out

[x] MUSTFIX: tab-completion of magics.

    [x] fix introduced regression: tab completing on something that has no
        matched will delete the match

    [x] tab-completion should trigger docstring tooltip update

    [ ] another bug: `xdel<tab>^h<tab>`
        - first tab expand %, second one adds an extra % to the front

[ ] figure out how much bpython i need.

[ ] make animation of bpython and ipython logos going toward each other,
    then an explosion and the bipython logo emerging from the ashes.

[x] make sure we get the pid to enable keyboard interrupt on start -
    otherwise, if we try to get it after we launch something we want to
    interrupt, we're screwed.

[x] Ctrl-C should process messages as well - should block until interrupt

[ ] set a time-out for completion and return empty if it's too slow (or the
    kernel is busy)

[x] starting while True: print time.sleep(1) will print above the current

[x] looks like if there was output already on submission, stuff gets printed

[x] process io_pub message on every completion to put them into the bpython
    user interface.

[x] getting the argspec as bpython does it requires pulling in all of
    bpython/ - which is a bit much just to get the __init__
    handling. Let's just do the simple thing.

    let's remember to document that we're not going to use the AttrCleaner

    damn, doesn't look like that's gonna work. ok, let's port it all over to be
    standalone (so where ipython kernel is running doesn't need bpython)

    [ ] also - will need to think about how to gracefully handle non-python
        kernels with this.

    [ ] don't ship inspection_standalone every time you connect, check if
        another bipython connection has already executed it on the kernel.

[ ] syntax highlighting for ipython magics - otherwise PythonLexer will choke

[ ] ask bob to be added to related projects on

[x] make screencast demo

[ ] process command line argument to connect to the right kernel

[ ] tests: make tests for the generic client, then we won't be in as bad of
    a shape here

[ ] OO refactor of client code as a mixin

[ ] up-arrow shouldn't search for partial completion (since that won't work)

[ ] cheap completion is broken again :(

[ ] non-ascii completion breaks bipython (yay unicode)

[ ] run completion for "import <tab>" since ipython supports that.

[ ] implement `get_bipython()` command to inspect bipython as I work on it

[ ] implement pager payload  (pygments.lexers.text.*Lexer?)
    - Make foo? and foo?? work

[ ] use pygments.lexers.agile.PythonTracebackLexer for tracebacks

[ ] make bipython favicon.ico and upload it

[ ] check bipython_logo.png references on the website

[ ] stop printing the version number on login (it's annoying)


The indiscriminate bicurious interactive python interpreter (bpython + ipython)







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