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Kubernetes client-go examples

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A collection of mini-programs demonstrating various client-go use cases augmented by a preconfigured online development environment. Inspired by client-go/examples.

The intention is to test a (more or less) fresh version of Go and packages against the currently maintained Kubernetes release branches.

What is tested at the moment:

  • go 1.22.3
  • 0.27.14 0.28.10 0.29.5 0.30.1 (maintained release branches)
  • Kubernetes 1.27.13 1.28.9 1.29.4 1.30.0 (best-effort match with versions supported by kind)


Most examples expect at least two Kubernetes clusters - shared1 and shared2.

curl -sLS | sudo sh
arkade get kind kubectl

kind create cluster --name shared1
kind create cluster --name shared2


Oversimplified (for now):

cd <program>
make test

# or from the root folder:
make test-all



Contributions are always welcome! Want to participate but don't know where to start? The TODO list above could give you some ideas. Before jumping to the code, please create an issue describing the addition/change first. This will allow me to coordinate the effort and make sure multiple people don't work on the same task.