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Spring Boot Reference Guide 2.0 中文翻译 -《Spring Boot参考指南》
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I. Spring Boot Documentation
II. Getting Started
III. Using Spring Boot
IV. Spring Boot features update Data Access Jan 20, 2020
IX. ‘How-to’ guides Update and rename 83.4 Reload Java classes without restarting the con… Feb 15, 2020
V. Spring Boot Actuator Update and rename 57. What to read to 59. What to Read Nov 2, 2019
VI. Deploying Spring Boot Applications Update and rename 60. What to read to 62. What to Read Nov 17, 2019
VII. Spring Boot CLI Update and rename 65. What to read to 67. What to Read Nov 23, 2019
VIII. Build tool plugins Update and rename 70. What to read to 72. What to Read Dec 1, 2019
X. Appendices 将所有/v2.0.0.M7/替换为/v2.0.0. RELEASE/ Mar 3, 2018
.gitignore support gitbook Apr 23, 2015
LICENSE Initial commit Feb 7, 2015 Update Dec 1, 2019 Update Feb 15, 2020



Spring Boot Reference Guide 2.0 中文翻译 -《Spring Boot参考指南》



GitBook : Spring Boot参考指南

GitHub : Spring Boot参考指南

我从二零一七年夏天开始翻译这份文档。这份文档在qibaoguang的1.4.1版本上新增了Spring Boot 2.0.0版本的内容,对修改的地方也做了更新。

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