Native Collection Types for Unity
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Native Collections

A small library of native collections like NativeArray<T> suitable to be used with Unity 2018.1 or greater. No additional packages (e.g. ECS or Burst) are required.

Getting Started

Clone or download this repository and copy the JacksonDunstanNativeCollections directory somewhere inside your Unity project's Assets directory.


This is a doubly-linked list backed by parallel arrays. Here's how to use it:

// Create an empty list with capacity for five nodes
NativeLinkedList<int> list = new NativeLinkedList<int>(5, Allocator.Temp);

// Add some nodes to the list
list.InsertAfter(list.Tail, 10);
list.InsertAfter(list.Tail, 20);
list.InsertAfter(list.Tail, 30);
list.InsertAfter(list.Tail, 40);
list.InsertAfter(list.Tail, 50);

// Iterate over the list
foreach (int val in list)

// Remove a node from the middle

// Insert a node into the middle
list.InsertBefore(list.Head.Next, 15);

// Sort the nodes so they can be accessed sequentially

// Access the nodes sequentially
for (int i = 0; i < list.Length; ++i)

// Dispose the list's native memory

There is much more functionality available. See the source for more.

To read about the making of this type, see this article series.

NativeIntPtr and NativeLongPtr

These are pointeres to a single int or long, useful for counters among other purposes. Here's how to use NativeIntPtr (NativeLongPtr is identical):

// Construct with the zero value
NativeIntPtr intPtr0 = new NativeIntPtr(Allocator.Temp);

// Construct with a custom value
NativeIntPtr intPtr = new NativeIntPtr(Allocator.Temp, 123);

// Read and write the value
intPtr.Value = 20;
Debug.Log("Value: " + intPtr.Value); // prints "Value: 20"

// Get a Parallel for use in an IJobParallelFor
NativeIntPtr.Parallel parallel = intPtr.GetParallel();

// Perform atomic writes on it

// Dispose the native memory

To read about the making of this type, see this article.