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Inconsistent stackmap frames for TwoWord arguments #85

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Inserted frames are incorrect in the following situation:

  • At least one method argument is TwoWord (long or double)
  • A stackmap frame does not contain these arguments as local variables (not used any more).

These situations do not occure with the Java compiler, but with certain tools. See issue jacoco/eclemma#46

In this case the number of Top elements which need so be inserted before the probe variable is too small as the TwoWord size is not properly considered.

@marchof marchof added a commit that referenced this issue
@marchof marchof Fixed inconsistent stackmap frames when instrumenting class files
produced by certain tools like ProGuard (GitHub #85).
@marchof marchof closed this

Apologies for the delay in testing this, I've been on hols.

The latest snapshot fixes the problems I had, both in the small test project and the original library where I encountered it. Thanks for the quick fix Marchof. Looking forward to the 0.6.3 release.

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