Provides a GUI interface to manage all commonly-used git commands.
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Atom git-control


Provides a GUI to manage all commonly-used git commands.

This is a first-release, while tested as part of creating this package, it has not been extensively used on much larger projects. In short: there are possibly still some issues remaining. At the same time, wanted to get the package out there and used.



  • Checkout or switch to any available branch with a click on the local/remote branch
  • Select files to commit, either all or with an individual selection
  • Compare the current working tree changes to the selected local branch
  • Merge any other branch into the current active branch
  • Create branches, either by remote selection of local branching
  • Reset any file to its previous state with a checkout
  • All git commands are logged, the commands used and output is visible
  • Command available are activated based on working tree status
  • Automatically fetches remote status on activation


For git-flow commands to work, you need to install git flow

then, on mac, do the following:

  for file in `find /usr/local/bin -type f -iname git[-f]* -exec basename {} \;`; do sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/$file /usr/bin/$file; done


The Atom package can be found on the Atom registry,

Pull requests, issues, feature requests are all welcome and encouraged via

Discussion and additional input is promoted here: Join the chat at