One short text dataset for classification and clustering extracted from StackOverflow
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Short text dataset for classification and clustering extracted from StackOverflow

Note that:

  1. If you use this short text dataset, please cite our paper:
    [1]. 2015NAACL VSM-NLP workshop-"Short Text Clustering via Convolutional Neural Networks"
    and acknowledge Kaggle for making the datasets available.
  2. We do not remove any stop words or symbols in the text;
  3. If you run the Classification ACC.m, please run it on 64-bit machine;
  4. Classification is fast, while Clustering is very slow via KMeans on so high-dimensionality text features, about 2 hours once. If you want to run clustering via KMeans, please have a little patience, and we strongly suggest that you directly refer the KMeans results in our paper [1] which reports the average results by running KMeans 500 times;
  5. The demo code can be found at
  6. Please feel free to send me emails ( if you have any problems in using this package.

./rawText: Raw text, 20,000 titles as short texts
  -- label_StackOverflow.txt: Each title plus a tag/label at the end;
  -- title_StackOverflow.txt: Each title on each line;
  -- vocab_emb_Word2vec_48.vec: Word2vec trained from a large corpus of StackOverflow dataset;
  -- vocab_emb_Word2vec_48_index.dic: Word2vec index list corresponds with vocab_withIdx.dic;
  -- vocab_withIdx.dic: Vocabulary index.

./matlab_format: Matlab format of rawText
  -- StackOverflow.mat: fea is vsm model, and gnd is the label index.

./benchmarks: Contains some benchmarks, such as classfication and clustering
  -- Classification_ACC.m: Test the classification performance with TF-IDF+SVM, and the ACC is 81.55%
  -- predict.mexw64: LibSVM libraries;
  -- svmpredict.mexw64
  -- svmtrain.mexw64
  -- train.mexw64
  -- tf_idf.m: Compute TF-IDF;
  -- Clustering_ACC_NMI.m: Test the clustering performance with TF-IDF+KMeans, and the ACC is 20.31% and NMI is 15.64% by 500 runs;
  -- normalize.m: normalize the feature vectors;
  -- bestMap.m: Permutation mapping function maps each cluster label to the equivalent label from the text data;
  -- MutualInfo.m: Compute normalized mutual information metric;

20 different labels:
  1 wordpress
  2 oracle
  3 svn
  4 apache
  5 excel
  6 matlab
  7 visual-studio
  8 cocoa
  9 osx
  10 bash
  11 spring
  12 hibernate
  13 scala
  14 sharepoint
  15 ajax
  16 qt
  17 drupal
  18 linq
  19 haskell
  20 magento