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# Jaeger Backend Release Process
1. Create a PR "Preparing release X.Y.Z" against master branch ([example]( by updating to include:
* A new section with the header `<X.Y.Z> (YYYY-MM-DD)`
* A curated list of notable changes and links to PRs. Do not simply dump git log, select the changes that affect the users.
* The section can be split into sub-section if necessary, e.g. UI Changes, Backend Changes, Bug Fixes, etc.
2. After the PR is merged, create a release on Github:
* Title "Release X.Y.Z"
* Tag `vX.Y.Z` (note the `v` prefix)
* Copy the new section into the release notes
3. The release tag will trigger a build of the docker images
4. Once the images are available on [Docker Hub](, announce the release on the mailing list, gitter, and twitter.

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