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@yurishkuro yurishkuro released this Jul 10, 2018 · 259 commits to master since this release

Backend Changes

Breaking Changes!!!
  • The storage implementations no longer write the parentSpanID field to storage (#856).
    If you are upgrading to this version, you must upgrade query service first!

  • Update Dockerfiles to reference executable via ENTRYPOINT (#815) by Zachary DiCesare (@zdicesare)

    It is no longer necessary to specify the binary name when passing flags to containers.
    For example, to execute the help command of the collector, instead of

    $ docker run -it --rm jaegertracing/jaeger-collector /go/bin/collector-linux help


    $ docker run -it --rm jaegertracing/jaeger-collector help
  • Detect HTTP payload format from Content-Type (#916) by Yuri Shkuro (@yurishkuro)

    When submitting spans in Thrift format to HTTP endpoint /api/traces,
    the format argument is no longer required, but the Content-Type header
    must be set to "application/vnd.apache.thrift.binary".

  • Change metric tag from "service" to "svc" (#883) by Won Jun Jang (@black-adder)

New Features
  • Add Kafka as a Storage Plugin (#862) by David Yeghshatyan (@davit-y)

    The collectors can be configured to write spans to Kafka for further data mining.

  • Package static assets inside the query-service binary (#918) by Yuri Shkuro (@yurishkuro)

    It is no longer necessary (but still possible) to pass the path to UI static assets
    to jaeger-query and jaeger-standalone binaries.

  • Replace domain model with Protobuf/gogo-generated model (#856) by Yuri Shkuro (@yurishkuro)

    First step towards switching to Protobuf and gRPC.

  • Include HotROD binary in the distributions (#917) by Yuri Shkuro (@yurishkuro)

  • Improve HotROD demo (#915) by Yuri Shkuro (@yurishkuro)

  • Add DisableAutoDiscovery param to cassandra config (#912) by Bill Westlin (@whistlinwilly)

  • Add connCheckTimeout flag to agent (#911) by Henrique Rodrigues (@Henrod)

  • Ability to use multiple storage types (#880) by David Yeghshatyan (@davit-y)

Minor Improvements
  • [ES storage] Log number of total and failed requests (#902) by Tomasz Adamski (@tmszdmsk)
  • [ES storage] Do not log requests on error (#901) by Tomasz Adamski (@tmszdmsk)
  • [ES storage] Do not exceed ES _id length limit (#905) by Łukasz Harasimowicz (@harnash) and Tomasz Adamski (@tmszdmsk)
  • Add cassandra index filter (#876) by Won Jun Jang (@black-adder)
  • Close span writer in standalone (#863) (4 weeks ago) by Pavol Loffay (@pavolloffay)
  • Log configuration options for memory storage (#852) (6 weeks ago) by Juraci Paixão Kröhling (@jpkrohling)
  • Update collector metric counters to have a name (#886) by Won Jun Jang (@black-adder)
  • Add (#864) by (@PikBot)
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