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bitcss is a centralized CSS repository powered by github

When developing sites, I constantly feel the need to have the ability to quickly browse and choose through hundreds of styles. Like a centralized repository, just for css. Not even just to use them, but even just to serve me as an inspiration.

There are seemingly many single centralized repositories out there, like jquery plugins for js, gems for ruby, and apt for ubuntu, etc. But nothing like it for css.

Currently, CSS are a pain to re-use but when there is a way (like how twitter bootstrap did), it is simply an enjoyable experience to work off of. But currently they are the only ones that exists of that nature and I don.t think we will see any more of these anytime soon.

So I wanted to hear what you guys might think if there was a centralized github repository, where anyone can crowd-source their CSS and html assets.

Anyone can then easily browse through and choose different types of h1, h2, h3, top menus, boxes, containers, and etc . And everyone is encouraged to to create variations (big or small) to support even more varieties and styles back to the community.

For anyone that is familiar to Remy.s mit-license repo ( it.ll be like that and it works surprisingly well. There can be some automation done to be better but I don.t think it.s that much of an issue.

For those not familiar, it works like this:

1) fork the css repo (twitter bootstrap)
2) add your own contribution folder to where you see fit (/themes/awesome_landingpage)
3) add a manifest.json file that looks like this to the root of your folder:

	"author": "jaequery", 		// name of the author (github handle)
	"category": "landing page" 	// not set in stone but be as general as you can
	"description": "jaequery's first theme, a simple landing/coming soon page" // (optional)
	"variant_of": "xxx" // if you are creating a variant, enter the name of the folder here (optional)

For a good example, look at how I did it in /themes/bitcss. You might as well just copy and paste that folder when contributing your first theme.

4) send a push notification when you want to contribute back

Considering the small effort it takes to contribute, the amount of benefit the css community as a whole will get is worth it.

Basically for starters, small contributions of simple stylable elements like modal box, navigations, forms, and alerts/confirm would be very helpful!

Next step is to come up with a front-end interface that lets you easily browse through these css snippets, possibly even make it into a SaaS to deliver custom CSS on the fly.

And feel free to reach me out @jaequery for any reasons. :)
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