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Sanic in Practice

This project can be used as a starter for learning python api service development, the api service is developed using Sanic web framework, SQLAlchemy sql toolkit, etc. There is also an article Python Sanic 高并发服务开发指南 for learning this project.

To students of course: 最新的实战项目目录结构已按照 干净架构 进行了整理,另外还使用了 IoC 容器 来简化业务对象的管理。代码结构调整较大,如想获取之前版本,可查看提交记录。

Dependent frameworks and packages

  1. Sanic Asynchronous web framework and server
  2. SQLAlchemy SQL toolkit and orm framework
  3. AIOMySQL Asynchronous access mysql
  4. AIORedis Asynchronous access redis
  5. MarshMallow Object serialization
  6. Fire CLI application framework
  7. APScheduler Run interval jobs
  8. Dependency Injector Dependency injection microframework for Python


Path Method Description
/user/register POST Register
/user/login POST Login
/user/logout GET Logout
/user/logged GET Get logged user
/user/modify POST Modify logged user
/user/info GET Get user info
/user/follow POST Follow user
/user/unfollow POST Unfollow user
/user/following GET Following users of someone
/user/follower GET Fans of some user
/user/sendMobileVerifyCode POST Send mobile verify code
/post/publish POST Publish post
/post/delete POST Delete post
/post/info GET Get post info
/post/published GET Get published posts of some user
/post/like POST Like post
/post/unlike POST Unlike post
/post/liked GET Liked posts of some user
/post/following GET Posts of following users of someone
/file/upload POST Upload file
/file/info GET Get file meta info
/message/ws Websocket Create websocket connection for message

How to run

This project need python v3.7+.

By local environment

Prapare python virtual environment

git clone && cd sanic-in-practice
python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

You can quit the virtual environment by execute command deactivate.

Prepare mysql and redis service

Install mysql and redis server, and start them. After mysql started, create a database for this project, and a user to access this database.

CREATE USER 'sip'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY '123456';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `sip`.* TO 'sip'@'%';

Configure application

Change configs in weiguan/config/ as your need, especially mysql, redis and path related configs. You can also change configs by environment variables, you need add WG_ prefix to each config you want to change.

Create tables

python -u -m model create-tables

Start server and scheduler

python -u -m
python -u -m schedule run

The api service's endpoint is http://localhost:8000/.

By docker compose

You need install Docker and Docker Compose at first.

Configure compose

Change the content of docker-compose.yml as your need, especially the host path of mounted volumes.

Start all services

docker-compose up -d

It will start server, scheduler, mysql and redis services. If you need to stop and remove all services, you can execute command docker-compose down. The container port 8000 is mapping to the same port on local host, so the endpoint of api service is same as the local way.

When first start mysql, it will auto create a database sip and a user sip with password 123446 to access this database. The password of root user is also 123456.

Create tables

Login to server container and create tables as previous.

docker container exec -it sanic-in-practice_server_1 bash
python -u -m model create-tables

Developing in vscode's remote container

This project support developing in VSCode's remote container, you can create your own development environment in just one click. You need install vscode and it's extension "Remote - Containers" at first.

Configure remote container

Configure and .devcontainer/devcontainer.json as your need, especially the host path of mount volumes. The file will override some configs of the base file docker-compose.yml for better developing experience. Such as auto build application image, mount local project folder into container, etc. It also mount host's ~/.ssh folder into container for executing git command in container.

Open project in remote container

Click remote development button at bottom-left corner of vscode, or open command palette, then execute command Remote-Containers: Reopen Folder in Container. It'll build application image, and start a server container, including it's dependency containers, as this project's development environment.

The workspace folder of the remote project is at /workspace, which mounted the local project's folder. You can now run and restart the remote project as nomal local project. If you need execute some command, you can login to the server container or use docker container exec.

The left steps is the same as run application by docker compose, such as create database and tables, access apis, etc.


This project can be used as a starter for learning python api service development, the api service is developed using Sanic web framework, SQLAlchemy sql toolkit, etc.



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