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PyData 2013: Advanced Matplotlib

Tutorial Material:

Instructor: Jake VanderPlas

Jake Vanderplas

This repository contains notebooks and code snippets for the advanced matplotlib tutorial at PyData 2013 (see the schedule here)

This tutorial will focus on interactive aspects of matplotlib: how keyboard callbacks, mouse callbacks, and widgets can be used to interact visually with data. Additionally, we'll look at using some of these ideas with the new matplotlib animation package.

Towards the end, we'll take a look at some more complicated examples of animations and interactive applications in matplotlib. Several of the examples will be drawn from recent posts on my blog, Pythonic Perambulations.


This tutorial requires recent versions of numpy and scipy, as well as matplotlib version 1.1+ (earlier versions will be sufficient for all but the animation components).

Due to a bug in the current version of matplotlib, animation examples will not function in the MacOSX matplotlib backend. This is a known issue, but is difficult to address (see

Notebook Static Views