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A data visualization library built styled-components πŸ’…πŸ» and VX 🐯
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A lightweight Javascript graphing library for React based on styled-components and vx.


Viiksetjs is now two separate packages, @viiksetjs/web and @viiksetjs/utils you can find the documentation here: Web | Utility


Viikset is the halfway point between visualization libraries with atomic control like d3 and out of the box solutions like recharts or chartjs. Big shout out to Harrison Shoff @hshoff and the people over at vx who helped shape the thinking for this type of visualization library.

It is meant to serve both those who want a high level of control (see the 'Interop with vx' section in the web docs) and those who want to throw together charts quickly with little to no configuration. If you like this library and want to have more granular control over your chart components, I would strongly suggest checking out the vx repo and familiarizing yourself with it, as any vx components can be used in tandem with Viikset.

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