A collection of SQL scripts I've written/amended over the years
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SQL Server Helper Scripts

These are a collection of SQL Scripts that I've written over the years, and have offered via blog posts, or google docs to anyone who was interested. It seemed to make sense to finally move them to a proper repository so that anyone who wishes to make use of them, can.

The scripts are:

  1. spu_generateInsert.sql - a stored procedure to generate insert statements out of data in a table. The history of this procedure can be found via my blog posts about it.

  2. spu_scriptprocedures.sql - a simple stored procedure which builds up a defensive SQL script for one or many stored procedures. Notes can be found at this blog post

  3. spu_compareprocedures.sql - a stored procedure which compares the code for stored procedures based on a list of procedures. Accompanying notes can be found at this blog post

  4. timings.sql - some simple code to determine how long a set of SQL operations will take. Again, notes can be found on this blog post

  5. FindTableColumnDataMatches.sql - some code to effectively look for a term throughout all the text based columns of all tables. Notes at this blog post

  6. TSQLUnitHelpers.sql - Some extension functions to the original TSQLUnit code. See this blog post for more information

  7. TSQLUnitIntroductionTests.sql - Some sample, simple, introductory tests used to introduce colleagues to TSQLUnit. See this blog post for more information