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JSON library for the janet language
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A JSON module for janet. Encodes and Decodes JSON data and converts it to and from Janet data structures. Strings are encoded as UTF-8, and UTF-16 escapes and surrogates as supported as per the JSON spec.

Json values are translated as follows:

  • JSON array becomes Janet array
  • JSON string becomes a Janet string.
  • JSON Objects becomes a Janet table.
  • JSON true and false become Janet booleans.
  • JSON null becomes the keyword :null. This is because JSON supports null values in objects, while Janet does not support nil value or keys in tables.


To build the native module, use the build.janet script, which requires having janet installed. Run

janet build.janet

To build the library.


Use the test.janet script to run tests for janet.

janet test


This module is licensed under the MIT/X11 License.

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