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Github issues viewer

This is a viewer of github issues that is entirely client-side. It demonstrates one way of building a slightly-more-than-trivial app with facebook's React framework.

All requests to the github api are anonymous, so they cap it at 60 requests/hour.

View the live example.



  • App fetches models
    • RepoInput
    • View manages routing
      • AllIssuesPage
        • Pager
        • Issue
      • IssuePage
        • RecentTime
        • Comments
          • Comment
            • RecentTime

Technologies used:

Known Issues

The Teaser

On the main page, the teaser of the issue body can break markdown sytax, resulting in awkward-looking ```some code here or **bold but not at the end of the teaser.

I thought about (and started implementing) an ad-hoc fix but then stopped, because it was dirtly and incomplete. The real solution would be to translate the raw text into a markdown syntax tree, and then grab the first x chunks from there. A project for another time. I couldn't find a lib on npm to do it, but if you know of one, please open an issue or pr.

Anonymous API usage cap

It might be interesting to look into auth w/ github...not sure if that's possible in a backend-less app.

Not yet implemented things

  • auto-linking to referenced issues
  • auto-linking to commits, comments, etc
  • probably a few other things


npm install -g react-tools component less
google-chrome web/index.html


npm install -g jshint mocha
make test


Apache v2

Contribution and Comments are welcome.