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Strange behavior with _.range function #634

yoander opened this Issue · 3 comments

2 participants

Yoander Valdés Rodríguez Jeremy Ashkenas
Yoander Valdés Rodríguez

Some example:
_.range(4) or _range(0, 4) or _.range("4") produce [0, 1, 2, 3] - OK
_.range("0", 4) or _range("0", "4") produce ["0", "01", "011", "0111"] I was expected [0, 1, 2, 3]

from the above examples I've conclude that star parameter is not parse as stop parameter

I tested in iceweasel 10.0.4 / Debian 6.5 with Underscore.js 1.3.3

Jeremy Ashkenas

_.range is defined for numbers, not for strings, I'm afraid. If you pass in other objects as well, it similarly won't work.

Jeremy Ashkenas jashkenas closed this
Yoander Valdés Rodríguez

Ok, I agree why _.range("4") produce [0, 1, 2, 3] then?

Jeremy Ashkenas

It shouldn't -- ideally it would throw an error. But, this being a dynamic language, we don't hard police the input arguments to every single function. It's entirely possible to pass a function bad values and get strange results. Just don't do it. ;)

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