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Python module to interface with Tesla Energy Gateways for Powerwall and solar power data.


This python module can be used to monitor and control Tesla Energy Gateway Powerwalls. It uses a single class (Powerwall) and simple functions to fetch energy data and poll API endpoints on the Gateway.

pyPowerwall will cache the authentication headers and API call responses to help reduce the number of calls made to the Gateway (useful if you are polling the Powerwall frequently for trending data).

  • Works with Tesla Energy Gateways - Powerwall and Powerwall+
  • Simple access through easy to use functions using customer credentials
  • Will cache authentication to reduce load on Powerwall Gateway
  • Will cache responses for 10s to limit number of calls to Powerwall Gateway (user definable)
  • Easy access to decoded device vitals (/api/devices/vitals in JSON format)
  • Provides solar string data for Powerwall+ systems

NOTE: This module requires that you (or your installer) have set up Customer Login credentials on your Powerwall Gateway.


You can clone this repo or install the package with pip. Once installed, pyPowerwall can scan your local network to find th IP address of your Tesla Powerwall Gateway.

# Install pyPowerwall
python -m pip install pypowerwall

# Scan Network for Powerwalls
python -m pypowerwall scan

Note: pyPowerwall installation will attempt to install these required python packages: requests and protobuf.

Programming with pyPowerwall

After importing pypowerwall, you simply create a handle for your Powerwall device and call function to poll data. Here is an example:

    import pypowerwall

    # Optional: Turn on Debug Mode
    # pypowerwall.set_debug(True)

    # Credentials for your Powerwall - Customer Login Data
    host = ""               # Address of your Powerwall Gateway
    timezone = "America/Los_Angeles"  # Your local timezone
    # Connect to Powerwall
    pw = pypowerwall.Powerwall(host,password,email,timezone)

    # Some System Info
    print("Site Name: %s - Firmware: %s - DIN: %s" % (pw.site_name(), pw.version(), pw.din()))
    print("System Uptime: %s\n" % pw.uptime())

    # Pull Sensor Power Data
    grid = pw.grid()
    solar =
    battery = pw.battery()
    home = pw.home()

    # Display Data
    print("Battery power level: %0.0f%%" % pw.level())
    print("Combined power metrics: %r" % pw.power())

    # Display Power in kW
    print("Grid Power: %0.2fkW" % (float(grid)/1000.0))
    print("Solar Power: %0.2fkW" % (float(solar)/1000.0))
    print("Battery Power: %0.2fkW" % (float(battery)/1000.0))
    print("Home Power: %0.2fkW" % (float(home)/1000.0))

    # Raw JSON Payload Examples
    print("Grid raw: %r\n" % pw.grid(verbose=True))
    print("Solar raw: %r\n" %

    # Display Device Vitals
    print("Vitals: %r\n" % pw.vitals())

    # Display String Data
    print("String Data: %r\n" % pw.strings())

pyPowerwall Module Class and Functions

 set_debug(True, color=True)

    Powerwall(host, password, email, timezone)

    poll(api, json)         # Fetch data from Powerwall API URI (return JSON if True)
    level()                 # Fetch battery power level percentage
    power()                 # Fetch power data returned as dictionary
    site(verbose)           # Fetch site sensor data (W or raw JSON if verbose=True)
    solar(verbose):         # Fetch solar sensor data (W or raw JSON if verbose=True)
    battery(verbose):       # Fetch battery sensor data (W or raw JSON if verbose=True)
    load(verbose)           # Fetch load sensor data (W or raw JSON if verbose=True)
    grid()                  # Alias for site()
    home()                  # Alias for load()
    vitals(json)            # Fetch Powerwall device vitals
    strings(json, verbose)  # Fetch solar panel string data
    din()                   # Display DIN
    uptime()                # Display uptime - string hms format
    version()               # Display system version
    status(param)           # Display status (JSON) or individual param
    site_name()             # Display site name
    temps()                 # Display Powerwall Temperatures

    pwcacheexpire = 5       # Set API cache timeout in seconds
    timeout = 10            # Timeout for HTTPS calls in seconds


The following are some useful tools based on pypowerwall:

  • Powerwall Proxy - Use this caching proxy to handle authentication to the Powerwall Gateway and make basic read-only API calls to /api/meters/aggregates (power metrics) and /api/system_status/soe (battery level). This is handy proxy with metrics gathering tools like telegraf to pull metrics without needing to authenticate. Because pyPowerwall is designed to cache the auth and high frequency API calls, this will reduce the load on the Gateway and prevent crash/restart issues that can happen if too many session are created on the Gateway.

  • Powerwall Simulator - A Powerwall simulator to mimic the responses from the Tesla Powerwall Gateway. This is useful for testing purposes.

Powerwall Scanner

pyPowerwall has a built in feature to scan your network for available Powerwall gateways. This will help you find the IP address of your Powerwall.

# Install pyPowerwall if you haven't already
python -m pip install pypowerwall

# Scan Network for Powerwalls
python -m pypowerwall scan

Example Output

pyPowerwall Network Scanner [0.1.2]
Scan local network for Tesla Powerwall Gateways

    Your network appears to be:

    Enter Network or press enter to use 

    Running Scan...
      Host: ... OPEN - Not a Powerwall
      Host: ... OPEN - Not a Powerwall
      Host: ... OPEN - Found Powerwall 1232100-00-E--TG123456789ABG

Discovered 1 Powerwall Gateway [1232100-00-E--TG123456789ABG]

Example API Calls

The following APIs are a result of help from other projects as well as my own investigation.

  • pw.poll('/api/system_status/soe') - Battery percentage (JSON with float 0-100)

  • pw.poll('/api/meters/aggregates') - Site, Load, Solar and Battery (JSON)

       "site": {
          "last_communication_time": "2021-11-22T22:15:06.590577619-07:00",
          "instant_power": -23,
          "instant_reactive_power": -116,
          "instant_apparent_power": 118.25819210524064,
          "frequency": 0,
          "energy_exported": 3826.313294918422,
          "energy_imported": 1302981.2128324094,
          "instant_average_voltage": 209.59546822390985,
          "instant_average_current": 5.4655000000000005,
          "i_a_current": 0,
          "i_b_current": 0,
          "i_c_current": 0,
          "last_phase_voltage_communication_time": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
          "last_phase_power_communication_time": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
          "timeout": 1500000000,
          "num_meters_aggregated": 1,
          "instant_total_current": 5.4655000000000005
       "battery": {
          "last_communication_time": "2021-11-22T22:15:06.590178016-07:00",
          "instant_power": 1200,
          "instant_reactive_power": 0,
          "instant_apparent_power": 1200,
          "frequency": 59.997,
          "energy_exported": 635740,
          "energy_imported": 730610,
          "instant_average_voltage": 242.15000000000003,
          "instant_average_current": -28.6,
          "i_a_current": 0,
          "i_b_current": 0,
          "i_c_current": 0,
          "last_phase_voltage_communication_time": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
          "last_phase_power_communication_time": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
          "timeout": 1500000000,
          "num_meters_aggregated": 2,
          "instant_total_current": -28.6
       "load": {
          "last_communication_time": "2021-11-22T22:15:06.590178016-07:00",
          "instant_power": 1182.5,
          "instant_reactive_power": -130.5,
          "instant_apparent_power": 1189.6791584288599,
          "frequency": 0,
          "energy_exported": 0,
          "energy_imported": 2445454.899537491,
          "instant_average_voltage": 209.59546822390985,
          "instant_average_current": 5.641820455472543,
          "i_a_current": 0,
          "i_b_current": 0,
          "i_c_current": 0,
          "last_phase_voltage_communication_time": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
          "last_phase_power_communication_time": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
          "timeout": 1500000000,
          "instant_total_current": 5.641820455472543
       "solar": {
          "last_communication_time": "2021-11-22T22:15:06.594908129-07:00",
          "instant_power": 10,
          "instant_reactive_power": 0,
          "instant_apparent_power": 10,
          "frequency": 59.988,
          "energy_exported": 1241170,
          "energy_imported": 0,
          "instant_average_voltage": 241.60000000000002,
          "instant_average_current": 0.04132231404958678,
          "i_a_current": 0,
          "i_b_current": 0,
          "i_c_current": 0,
          "last_phase_voltage_communication_time": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
          "last_phase_power_communication_time": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
          "timeout": 1000000000,
          "num_meters_aggregated": 1,
          "instant_total_current": 0.04132231404958678
  • pw.strings(jsonformat=True)

       "A": {
          "Connected": true,
          "Current": 1.81,
          "Power": 422.0,
          "State": "PV_Active",
          "Voltage": 230.0
       "B": {
          "Connected": false,
          "Current": 0.0,
          "Power": 0.0,
          "State": "PV_Active",
          "Voltage": -2.5
       "C": {
          "Connected": true,
          "Current": 4.47,
          "Power": 892.0,
          "State": "PV_Active",
          "Voltage": 202.4
       "D": {
          "Connected": true,
          "Current": 4.44,
          "Power": 889.0,
          "State": "PV_Active_Parallel",
          "Voltage": 202.10000000000002
  • pw.temps(jsonformat=True)

       "TETHC--2012170-25-E--TGxxxxxxxxxxxx": 17.5,
       "TETHC--3012170-05-B--TGxxxxxxxxxxxx": 17.700000000000003
  • pw.status(jsonformat=True)

       "din": "1232100-00-E--TGxxxxxxxxxxxx",
       "start_time": "2022-01-05 09:20:47 +0800",
       "up_time_seconds": "62h48m24.076725628s",
       "is_new": false,
       "version": "21.44.1 c58c2df3",
       "git_hash": "c58c2df39ec207708c4cde0c747db7cf31750f29",
       "commission_count": 8,
       "device_type": "teg",
       "sync_type": "v2.1",
       "leader": "",
       "followers": null,
       "cellular_disabled": false

Credits and References


Python module to access Tesla Energy Gateway for Powerwall and Solar Power Data







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