Applikasjon for å sende inn foredrag til JavaZone. Sender dem til EMS.
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This project is in development


Submitit is used to submit presentations to ems-redux.



The following additional systems are needed:

  • Ems-redux : Submitit has no internal database . All data are read from and writtten to ems-redux
  • Smtp-server: Needed to send emails

Config file

Full path to the configuration file must be given in the system propery SUBMITIT_SETUP_FILE. The setupfile must be on the following format: property=value

The following values can be set:

  • port: Port that submitit will run on. Default is 8080
  • hostname: The hostname to the smtp server
  • smtpport: The port to the smtp server
  • user: User to logon to smtp (if any)
  • password: Password to smtp (if any)
  • mailSsl: Use ssl to connect to smtp
  • smtpPort: Port to the smtp server
  • serverHostname: The hostname of the webserver. ie.
  • mailFrom: The sender address of generated mails ie.
  • emsSubmitTalk: The url where the talk is to be submitted in ems. Talk should be submitted to a specific event. I.e.
  • emsUser: User to use ems
  • emsPassword: Password to ems
  • photoCopyDir: If present a copy of all photos will be copied here
  • closing-time: The date call for speakers will be closed and a password will be required to submit a new proposal. Date format yyyyMMddHHmmss
  • close-password: The password required to submit new talks after the deadline

Frontend developer mode

Frontend developer mode can be used to debug frontend pages. The server will only return dummy data.


  1. Install leiningen (
  2. Set system variable SUBMITIT_FRONTEND_MODE to true (export SUBMITIT_FRONTEND_MODE=true)
  3. lein run

You will no have the following pages availible: http://localhost:8080/index.html http://localhost:8080/talkDetail.html


Copyright (C) 2016 javaBin

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.