Java libraries related to glTF
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javagl Fixed OBJ splitting. Allow setting indices type.
Removed the buggy OBJ splitting by using the ObjSplitting
from the latest version of the OBJ library.

Added option to set the component type for the indices
of the generated glTF asset.
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JglTF - Java libraries for glTF

Note: These libraries are still subject to change.

What is glTF?

The following image gives an overview of glTF:


A larger version of this image, as well as PDF versions, can be found on the glTF overview releases page.

A note about glTF 2.0 support:

The libraries that are available here mostly support glTF 1.0 and glTF 2.0. Some special features that have been introduced in glTF 2.0 are not fully supported yet. This mainly refers to rendering glTF 2.0 assets in the jgltf-viewer, particularly the support of PBR (physically based rendering) and certain animation interpolation types. Support for these features will be implemented soon.

The libraries currently available here are

  • jgltf-impl-v1 and jgltf-impl-v2 : A very simple set of classes that represent glTF 1.0 and 2.0 data, auto-generated from the glTF JSON schema

  • jgltf-model : A library built on top of jgltf-impl-v1 and jgltf-impl-v2 that offers functionality for reading glTF data and accessing the associated data in a form that is more convenient for the use in Java. It serves as a thin abstraction layer around the auto-generated classes.

  • jgltf-obj : A library/application for loading OBJ files and converting them into glTF 1.0 or 2.0 assets.

  • jgltf-browser : A simple standalone application that combines functionalities of the JglTF libraries: It allows loading glTF 1.0 or 2.0 from files or URLs via drag-and-drop, offers a basic functionality for browsing through the glTF structure, showing the images, shader code and accessor data in a structured form, importing OBJ files as glTF, and saving glTF as standard, embedded or binary glTF files.

  • jgltf-viewer : A base library for glTF viewers

  • jgltf-impl-v2-technique-webgl : Auto-generated classes for the glTF 2.0 KHR_technique_webgl extension

  • jgltf-validator : A simple glTF validator, only intended for internal use