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Obfuscation for React Native bundles
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Obfuscate selected source files when building for React Native.


yarn add react-native-obfuscating-transformer --dev


npm install react-native-obfuscating-transformer --save-dev



 module.exports = {
+  transformer {
+    babelTransformerPath: require.resolve("./transformer")
+  },


const obfuscatingTransformer = require("react-native-obfuscating-transformer")

module.exports = obfuscatingTransformer({
  /* options */


Options are:

upstreamTransformer: MetroTransformer

Defines what the first pass of code transformation is. If you don't use a custom transformer already, you don't need to set this option.

TypeScript example:

 const obfuscatingTransformer = require('react-native-obfuscating-transformer')
+ const typescriptTransformer = require('react-native-typescript-transformer')

 module.exports = obfuscatingTransformer({
+  upstreamTransformer: typescriptTransformer

Default value: require('metro/src/transformer')

filter: (filename: string, source: string) => boolean

Returns true for any files that should be obfuscated and false for any files which should not be obfuscated.

By default, it obfuscates all files in src/**/*

obfuscatorOptions: ObfuscatorOptions

Warning — Not all options are guaranteed to produce working code. In particular, stringArray definitely breaks builds.

See the javascript-obfuscator docs for more info about what each option does.

interface ObfuscatorOptions {
  compact?: boolean
  controlFlowFlattening?: boolean
  controlFlowFlatteningThreshold?: 0.75
  deadCodeInjection?: boolean
  deadCodeInjectionThreshold?: 0.4
  debugProtection?: boolean
  debugProtectionInterval?: boolean
  disableConsoleOutput?: boolean
  domainLock?: string[]
  identifierNamesGenerator?: "hexadecimal" | "mangled"
  log?: boolean
  renameGlobals?: boolean
  reservedNames?: string[]
  rotateStringArray?: true
  seed?: 0
  selfDefending?: boolean
  sourceMap?: boolean
  sourceMapBaseUrl?: string
  sourceMapFileName?: string
  sourceMapMode?: "separate" | "inline"
  stringArray?: boolean
  stringArrayEncoding?: boolean
  stringArrayThreshold?: 0.75
  target?: "browser" | "extension" | "node"
  unicodeEscapeSequence?: boolean

trace: boolean

Iff true, prints a list of files being obfuscated

Default value: false

emitObfuscatedFiles: boolean

Iff true, emits the obfuscated versions of files alongside their originals, for comparison.

Default value: false

enableInDevelopment: boolean

Iff true, enables obfuscation in development mode.

Default value: false



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