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Celerio Generation Template Packs: Java EE 7 web application

These Celerio Generation Template Packs contain some source code templates that are interpreted by Celerio code generator in order to generate a full S-CRUD Java EE 7 web application.

S-CRUD means: Search, Create, Read, Update, Delete

The generated application runs on WildFly 10, it is a pure Java EE 7 application, it relies on:

  • JPA with Hibernate
  • Search with Hibernate Search / Lucene
  • JSF 2.2
  • Primefaces 5.3 / Omnifaces 2.1
  • Shiro for authentication


  • Java 8
  • Maven 3.1.1
  • Latest WildFly version (we currently use 10.0.0-CR4)

Generate a Java EE 7 web application

These packs is part of Celerio distribution.

Have already Maven 3 and Java 1.8 installed ?

To generate an application from these packs simply execute:

mvn com.jaxio.celerio:bootstrap-maven-plugin:4.0.12:bootstrap

Please refer to Celerio Documentation for more details on Celerio.

Once generated, to deploy it on WildFly 10, assuming it is running on localhost, execute from your generated app root folder:

mvn wildfly:deploy


You may contribute in several ways:

  • By using the generated app and trying to find its limits
  • By reviewing the generated code, is Java EE 7 properly used ?
  • By trying to generate a project using your own database schema

You may of course report issues and/or submit pull requests.


  • Cache does not seem to work (ehcache)
  • LocalDate not supported by PrimeFaces p:calendar, even with our converter!


Code generation Templates for pure Java EE 7 application



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