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Ploy - straightforward Kubernetes deployment

Ploy is a proof of concept tool that will deploy a Docker image on your machine locally to a Kubernetes cluster.

It was inspired by Halloumi and its purpose is to show how easy it is to create useful developer tooling with the Pulumi Automation API

It provides a Heroku like experience for uses deploying Docker images.

It is currently designed to work exclusively with AWS EKS, but support for other providers could be added.



Ploy take a Docker context with a Dockerfile, builds it locally and pushes it to an ECR repository.

Each ploy application is deployed as a pulumi stack within a project called ploy in your configured Pulumi organization (see configuration)

Once the image is pushed, it creates a Kubernetes namespace, Deployment and Service with an external load balancer.

Here's what it looks like:


ploy up
INFO[0002] Creating application: regularly-viable-stud
INFO[0002] Creating ECR repository
INFO[0002] Creating local docker image
INFO[0002] Creating Kubernetes namespace
INFO[0002] Creating Kubernetes deployment
INFO[0002] Creating Kubernetes service
INFO[0004] Repository created:
INFO[0034] Your service is available at:

Ploy deploys your application to the Kubernetes cluster currently configured in your KUBECONFIG. It creates the ECR repository using the AWS credentials you're currently using, whether that be an aws profile or aws keys.

note: Your EKS cluster must have access to ECR for the image to be pulled. See here for more details.

You can optionally set an explicit name for your application by passing it as an argument:

ploy up my-app


You can grab a list of the currently deployed ploy applications using the get command:

ploy get
|           NAME           |       LAST UPDATE        |                        DEPLOYMENT INFO                         |                                      URL                                      |
| frequently-better-beagle | 2020-11-03T19:06:36.000Z | | |
| regularly-viable-stud    | 2020-11-03T19:41:19.000Z |    | |


You can tear down your ploy application with the destroy command:

ploy destroy


Ploy's only required configuration value is your Pulumi org. You can specify it on the command line:


ploy up -o jaxxstorm

Or alternatively, set it in your ploy configuration file:

cat ~/.ploy/config.yml
org: jaxxstorm


You'll need to set the AWS region you want to use for your ECR repository. You can set it on the command line:

ploy up -r us-west-2

Via configuration:

cat ~/.ploy/config.yml
region: us-west-2

Or alternatively, it'll read your AWS_REGION environment variable:

export AWS_REGION=us-west-2