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(note: docker-wordpress no longer contains an sshd. It was probably a mistake to put one in in the first place, and you can now spawn arbitrary processes with use of the docker exec command. So do that, instead, like this:

docker exec -i -t docker-wordpress bash


(note: Eugene Ware has a Docker wordpress container build on nginx with some other goodies; you can check out his work here.)

(N.B. the way that Docker handles permissions may vary depending on your current Docker version. If you're getting errors like

dial unix /var/run/docker.sock: permission denied

when you run the below commands, simply use sudo. This is a known issue.)

This repo contains a recipe for making a Docker container for Wordpress, using Linux, Apache and MySQL. To build, make sure you have Docker installed, clone this repo somewhere, and then run:

docker build -rm -t <yourname>/wordpress .

Or, alternately, build DIRECTLY from the github repo like some sort of AMAZING FUTURO JULES-VERNESQUE SEA EXPLORER:

docker build -rm -t <yourname>/wordpress git://

Then run it, specifying your desired ports! Woo!

docker run --name wordpress -d -p <http_port>:80 <yourname>/wordpress 

Check docker logs after running to see MySQL root password and Wordpress MySQL password, as so

echo $(docker logs wordpress | grep password)

(note: you won't need the mysql root or the wordpress db password normally)

Your wordpress container should now be live, open a web browser and go to http://localhost:<http_port>, then fill out the form. No need to mess with wp-config.php, it's been auto-generated with proper values.

You can shutdown your wordpress container like this:

docker stop wordpress

And start it back up like this:

docker start wordpress

Enjoy your wordpress install courtesy of Docker!