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JBoss AS / Wildfly Patch Generation Tool


Options are not optional and must exactly follow this format: --optionname=value. The = must be present when there is a value. There are no short forms for the option names.

In the following sections, substitute patch-gen for java -jar patch-gen-*-shaded.jar, or set up an alias with

alias patch-gen='java -jar patch-gen-*-shaded.jar'

Patch Generation

patch-gen --applies-to-dist=~/wildfly/wildfly-8.0.0.Final --updated-dist=~/wildfly/wildfly-8.0.1.Final --patch-config=wildfly-8.0.1.Final-patch.xml

--applies-to-dist and --updated-dist must point exactly at the root of the distributions (the directory containing bin, modules, domain, etc.), otherwise the tool will crash.

Generation of patches containing multiple CPs

patch-gen --applies-to-dist=~/wildfly/wildfly-8.0.1.Final --updated-dist=~/wildfly/wildfly-8.0.2.Final --patch-config=wildfly-8.0.2.Final-patch.xml

where is the last produced CP (in this example generated in the section above) for wildfly-8.0.0.Final. The generated patch can be applied to wildfly-8.0.1.Final as well as to wildfly-8.0.0.Final. No matter to which version it is applied, the resulting patched version will be wildfly-8.0.2.Final. There is no restriction on the number of CPs included into a single patch file.

Configuration Templating

One off

patch-gen --create-template --one-off my-custom-patch


patch-gen --create-template --cumulative my-custom-patch

Getting an executable jar

You probably want to use the shaded jar, which is executable and contains all of its dependencies.

Build from source

git clone
cd patch-gen/
mvn package

The jars will be located in the target/ subdirectory.

Download from Github

curl -LO ''

Patch Workflow

  1. Run the command specified in the Configuration Templating section.
  2. Edit the configuration file.
$EDITOR patch-config-wildfly-CR2-patch.xml
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<patch-config xmlns="urn:jboss:patch-config:1.0">
   <description>WildFly 8.0.2.Final patch</description>
   <cumulative  />
   <element patch-id="base-wildfly-8.0.2.Final-patch">
      <cumulative name="base" />
      <description>No description available</description>
   <generate-by-diff />
  1. Run the command specified in the Patch Generation section.
  2. Optionally, edit README.txt in the zip.
unzip -qo README.txt
zip -qu README.txt