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Experimental Eclipse UI extensions for general purpose.
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JBoss Tools Playground

This github repository contains playful experiments in trying to make Eclipse better.

The intent is not to have a perfect, always updatable feature set but to try and explore ideas and implementations while make it easy for everyone to try it out.



Easymport: Easy and smart Open/Import of a project

This is progressively moving to the related Eclipse projects. Please see

Aren’t you sick of this messy "Import" wizard you see in Eclipse? Can’t the IDE figure out what kind of project you’re importing by itself? Yes, it does. This plugins include a new File > Open Project/Folder menu which will just ask you for a directory and will do its best to figure out what kind of project it is and run the most relevant import tricks. It also supports ability to use the same Import mechanics, but simply by Drag and dropping a folder in the Project Explorer (in a working set or on the workspace root).

Currently supported projects for easy import are:

Eclipse projects

directories that are already Eclipse projects will be imported "as it" and will reuse existing configuration

Java projects

will setup nature, detect and configure source folders

JavaScript projects

will setup nature, detect source and configure source folders

Maven projects

will import project as Maven project, and delegate its configuration to m2e according to the content of the pom.xml file

Java EE Projects

will enable the WebTools nature, and

  • Web projects will enable Servlet facet

  • JPA projects will enable JPA facet

  • Jax-RS projects will enable Jax-rs facet PDE projects:

  • Plugin project: will enable Plug-in Nature

  • Feature project: will enable Feature Nature

Plain folders

will be imported as new Eclipse projects, without additional configuration

This contains an extension point (, so if you want to add support for other types of projects, it’s just a matter of adding an extension and implementing a class.

Of course, this may not always give you the perfect result. It is recommended after such an import to have a look at your project properties and see whether there are some things that need more specific configuration.

Reference Eclipse bug:

Naturist: Edit project natures

There are cases where you really want to hack your project, and are ready to take all the risks that go with it. So these plugins add a Project Property page that allow to add or remove project natures. Beware that this is a risky operation, so do it only when you’re sure of what you’re doing. Usually, enabling a nature is only 1 step in the configuration, so after you enabled a new nature, you’ll most likely want to open (again) the Project Settings page and tweak the new pages as desired.

Reference Eclipse bug:

Auto-update out-of-date Maven project configuration

This has been integrated in m2e 1.6, and will be integrated in Eclipse IDE starting from Mars M6.

Tired of seeing these "Project configuration is out-of-date" errors whenever you tweak your pom.xml? This plugin will automatically do the Maven > Update project configuration for you. Currently the only way to disable the plugin is to uncheck it under from Preferences > Startup and Shutdown and restart the workspace.

Reference Eclipse bug:

Nestor: View Nested Projects

With Eclipse ticket , Nestor has been migrated to Eclipse Platform UI, and Nested view of projects in Project Explorer will be available by default in Eclipse 4.5 (Mars) M5 and later:
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