MANIFEST.MF manipulations
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More details are here: Also, read this blog post: How to Read MANIFEST.MF Files.

Manipulations with MANIFEST.MF files made easy:

import com.jcabi.manifests.Manifests;
public class Main {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    String version ="JCabi-Version");
    System.out.println("version is " + version);


If you have any questions about the framework, or something doesn't work as expected, please submit an issue here. If you want to discuss, please use our Google Group.

How to contribute?

Fork the repository, make changes, submit a pull request. We promise to review your changes same day and apply to the master branch, if they look correct.

Please run Maven build before submitting a pull request:

$ mvn clean install -Pqulice